Download Skype 8.29 Offline Installer For All Operating Systems

Skype has been updated to version 8.29 recently. If you have already installed Skype 8, then you can easily upgrade from Skype app itself or download Skype 8.29 offline installer from the links given in this article.

Skype 8 29 Help and Feedback window
Skype 8 29 Help and Feedback window

We will look at the changes made in Skype 8.29 and then head to the direct download links.

While Microsoft is regularly releasing new versions of Skype, the last deadline of discontinuation of Skype 7.4 classic has also been extended from September 1st to some time more. The exact expiration date has not been specified. If you are still using Skype classic, it is recommended that you upgrade to version 8.

Skype 8.29 new features and advantages

Although Microsoft has started rolling out Skype 8.29, I’m unable to understand that they have not yet released the change log. Microsoft normally releases the change log notes after releasing and deploying Skype in phases.

If we check the What’s new page of Skype on Microsoft site, it still stays that Skype 8.28 will be rolled out in weeks to come. But the fact of the matter is that Skype 8.29 final has already been released and is working fine.

Anyways I will keep on trying to check what has been updated in the latest build of Skype. If I get any update, I will post it here.

I have analyzed the changed files in Skype 8.29 setup as compared to Skype 8.28 and here are the changed files:

  • Skype.exe is 36KB heavier than the earlier version.
  • app.asar
  • RTMPLTFM.dll
  • skypert.dll
  • slimcore.node

Although there are other files which have been changed but I have listed the important ones only.

Skype Features

Some features of Skype include the following:

  • Free international calls: You can make free Skype to Skype calls and Skype to international Phone calls at a very low price.
  • You can call people in other countries with Skype (Paid).
  • You can sms anywhere internationally using Skype (Paid).
  • You can make video calls using Skype.
  • You can also receive calls using Skype. Skype number cost is usually very low depending upon the number and country you select. Get Skype number from here.
  • You can transfer files using Skype. Skype file transfer size limit is 300 MB. You can send as many files as you want but the file size should not exceed 300 MB.

Checking version and updating Skype

Checking version in Skype 8.xx is different from the earlier release. Follow the steps below to check Skype version installed on your computer.

  1. Open Skype and sign-in with your Microsoft account
  2. Click on the display picture at the top left corner of Skype window
  3. Scroll down and select Help & Feedback (Previously it was the About section)

Opening the About dialog will automatically trigger Skype to check for latest version. It will automatically start downloading if a new version is available. Alternatively, you can follow our blog to get the latest information when new versions of Skype are released.

Skype 8.29 direct download links

Normally when a new version of Skype is launched, it starts rolling out gradually to the users who have already installed Skype. This roll out is completed in about two to three weeks. If you want early access to the latest Skype software, you may download Skype from below given direct download links.

Download Skype for Windows Desktop [59.31 MB]

Download Skype for Mac

Download Skype for Linux [.DEB] (Debian)

Download Skype for Linux [.RPM] (RPM based distributions)

Download Skype for Android

Download Skype for iOS

Download Skype for Windows Mobile

Download Skype Portable (Skype 7.41 classic)

Troubleshooting Skype 8.29 installation issues

Please install Skype from the Microsoft Store for the best experience.
Please install Skype from the Microsoft Store for the best experience.

If you are using the latest version of Windows 10 and download Skype 8.29 from the above given links, it may give you the above mentioned error when you try to install it:

In this case, we have written an article which will fix this error. Just go through the following article for troubleshooting Skype 8.29 installation issues.

Fix Error: Please Install Skype from the Microsoft Store for the Best Experience

If you encounter any other issues related to Skype, please let us know through comments below.

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