Download TeamViewer 14.7: Remote Printing + Live Video Screenshots

TeamViewer 14.7.1965.0 update brings interesting features and some critical fixes to the app. TeamViewer is already one of the most popular remote desktop/remote support tools for connecting remote computers over the Internet. While there are alternatives like Windows Remote Desktop, AnyDesk, and Chrome Remote Desktop but TeamViewer still wins hearts by being simple to use by all types of users.

The only confusing thing about TeamViewer is the number of utilities it has for different tasks. For example, TeamViewer Sensor, TeamViewer IoT, QuickJoin, QuickSupport, and a full version. Most of these tools are portable and require only an executable to be downloaded and run.

TeamViewer UI
TeamViewer UI

As a support professional, I get queries about which tool to download. While it is good to have separate tools for different types of support and session, it becomes confusing for a standard user who doesn’t know much about the PC or networking. You can check out the difference between these tools here.

What’s new in TeamViewer 14.7

The first item in the changelog of TeamViewer 14.7 is the most exciting, remote printing. If you use TeamViewer for remote management of your own or client computer, you will be able to send a print to the printer connected to the remote computer using TeamViewer. The only requirement is that the remote computer should be running Windows 10 Version 1903 or later. You will also need to install TeamViewer printer driver when installing the app.

TeamViewer printer driver
TeamViewer printer driver

The second exciting feature added in this version of TeamViewer is taking screenshots of live video streams in Pilot sessions. TeamViewer is not just a remote support software anymore. It includes instant messaging, file sharing, meetings, presentations, audio, and video calls and most of all augmented reality support.

TeamViewer Pilot is a tool to quickly reach an AR expert and show him the issue using the camera of your smartphone and let him guide you to the solution. Now you will be able to take screenshots of the live video streaming so that you can go through the important steps later.

Apart from these two major features, a few bugs have been fixed. Here is the list of fixes:

  • An optional disclaimer is shown before every connection when connecting through Host. This disclaimer can be configured within each custom host (enabled/disabled and displayed text).
  • Solved issues which caused TeamViewer to crash
  • Solved an issue that prevented the control of Android devices from Windows touchscreen devices.
  • Solved an issue where a message for proxy authentication is shown wrongly
  • Implemented a measure to prevent a Microsoft Windows system DLL from loading untrusted DLLs from the application directory into the service process
  • Minor improvements and fixes

Download TeamViewer 14.7

If you are already using TeamViewer, you can check for a new version by going to Help –> Check for new version. If a new version is available, you can download and install it automatically.

Check for new version TeamViewer
Check for new version TeamViewer

If you want to download TeamViewer separately, you can do so by going to this TeamViewer offline installer download page. It lists all the ways to download each component of TeamViewer.

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