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TeamViewer 13 is a highly useful remote support and remote access tool which can be used to access computers remotely through the Internet easily and flawlessly. You just need to run TeamViewer, share TeamViewer ID and password with anyone to give access to your computer. You can also setup unattended access to your computer and you can easily access your computer from anywhere using the TeamViewer account.

The latest version of TeamViewer is 13.2.26558. It is completely free of cost for home users while business users can get the license at a very low cost.

The beauty of TeamViewer is that you can run a portable version of the utility without installing anything and it will work perfectly fine.

TeamViewer is backward compatible. You can connect with previous versions of TeamViewer like 12 or 11 using the latest one. But you cannot connect to TeamViewer 13 using TeamViewer 12 or earlier.

As far as security is concerned , TeamViewer uses the facility private key encryption and AES (256-bit) session encryption which is considered to be secured according to the security standards.

New Features of TeamViewer 13

TeamViewer 13 comes with a lot of minor improvements and bug fixes. The most important visible change is the user interface itself. Version 13 comes with a completely redesigned UI which is easier to use and manage.

Moreover screen sharing can now also be done on iPhones and iPads using TeamViewer latest version.

You can manage your assets using the latest TeamViewer like View the computer name, operating system, processor, and RAM for each assigned device within the management console. For this you do not need to establish the remote connection.

TeamViewer 13 can also wake up a sleeping computer using TeamViewer’s Wake-on-LAN feature. Thus you can control an offline computer by waking it up and then establishing connection using the user credentials . The Wake-on-LAN feature doesn’t seem to work for Mac users.

Commercial Users

If you are a commercial user you can buy a license of if you have already a license you can upgrade your license  and can enjoy latest features like 3D Annotations, VoIP HD , Session Recording, Logging, and Commenting, Remote Camera Sharing and Real-Time Video Streaming and freezing camera image.

If you want to try a commercial version you can download its trial version for 15 days.

Download TeamViewer 13 trial version for commercial users

TeamViewer Tensor

TeamViewer provides another application for enterprises called TeamViewer Tensor. It can be installed and updated silently in the enterprise by the network admin who have the administrative right to install the software on the computers.

Sign up for TeamViewer Tensor here

TeamViewer IoT

One additional feature that TeamViewer provides is of TeamViewer IoT. IoT is called internet of things which allows you to control solar panels, agricultural equipment, and industrial machines to appliances and tiny sensors using the internet . TeamViewer Tensor now equips you with this service. If you are interested in how this works you can sign up for it and get a free trial version for 15 days.  You have to fill a form here.

The TeamViewer specialist will schedule a demo about how to use the IoT version and how can you further collaborate with them in testing TeamViewer IoT.

How to Check the installed version?

If you have already installed TeamViewer, you can check the current version of TeamViewer by going to Help  –> About TeamViewer. The current version number will be displayed.

How to Update the TeamViewer?

If you have previously installed TeamViewer on your computer ,you can update it by selecting the down arrow option on the top of the window.

Alternatively , you can go to Help -> Check for new version. It will automatically update if there is new version available.

Direct Download Links for TeamViewer 13


Download TeamViewer 13 for Windows

Download TeamViewer 13 for Windows Phone (using Microsoft Store)


Download TeamViewer 13 for Mac


Download TeamViewer 13 for Linux (.DEB) 32-bit

Download TeamViewer 13 for Linux (.DEB) 64-bit

Download TeamViewer 13 for Linux (.RPM) 32-bit

Download TeamViewer 13 for Linux (.RPM) 64-bit


Download TeamViewer 13 for Android


Download TeamViewer for iOS (from iTunes Store)


Download TeamViewer for BlackBerry (from BlackBerry app store)


Download TeamViewer 13 for ChromeOS (from Google Play Store)

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