Download Microsoft Edge 88 With Password Generator and Transparent Privacy Controls

Microsoft has now released a newer version of Chromium Edge, the Edge 88. They have now included a password generator so that you don’t have to worry about password complexity anymore, and you can now monitor them from settings as well.

Moreover, Microsoft has also worked on enhancing the user’s privacy experience by making things more transparent and in control of the user themselves.

Let us discuss in detail what Edge 88 brings to the table.

New features and enhancements in Edge 88

Password Generator and Password Monitor

Microsoft has introduced 2 new features to Edge 88, both of which cater to the single concern of users: security. Edge 88 will now automatically suggest complex passwords when it detects a signup password box on any website.

password suggestion
Source: Microsoft

With automated password generation, users will stop repeating their same passwords everywhere. Moreover, the complexity of the suggested passwords would be better than “Password123” and similar, less complex passwords. Both these objects would result in greater security measures, subsequently dropping the risk of getting hacked due to the incredibility of weak and presumable passwords.

You also do not need to worry about remembering these passwords, as they are stored by Edge itself.

Microsoft has taken this a step further by introducing another feature: Password Monitor. This technology will scan your saved passwords against the list of available for breached passwords and prompt you to immediately change your password. This is a great way to ensure that the password you are using isn’t already available on the internet for hackers to use.

leaked password
Source: Microsoft

More control over user privacy

Users will now have control over which websites they share their information with. For example, with Edge 88, you can now control which websites may have access to your location, microphone, camera, etc. You can also reset their permission entirely or edit it to your satisfaction.

Source: Microsoft

Also, you can now also opt to remove any 3rd party cookies and keep only those that are required to optimize your experience on the website.

remove 2
Source: Microsoft

Strict mode while InPrivate browsing

Technology is so vast that you start seeing related personalized ads for anything that you speak of. Well, Microsoft has now given you the option to disable this tracking feature while you are InPrivate mode on Edge 88. Anything you browse in this mode while tracking is set to Strict will not be tracked or used to present any relevant ads.


Secure DNS lookup

Another security feature that has been introduced is that the browser will now connect to the DNS server(s ) using only the secure connection protocol HTTPS. This means that while navigating to the website, your device will connect to the DNS server with a secure protocol so that the packets exchanged are not traceable by a hacker. However, this is only possible if your Internet Service Provider (ISP) supports it.

More about secure DNS here.

You can also select a different secure DNS provider through the settings.

secure dns

For more in-depth information about new features, bug fixes, and security fixes, please visit the Edge 88 Changelog page.

Release Summary

  • Complete release build: 88.0.705.50
  • Release date: Thursday, January 21, 2021
  • Compatibility: Windows 10, 8.1, 7 (32-bit and 64-bit), Mac, iOS, and Android.
  • Previous buildEdge 87

Features in developer tools

Microsoft Edge has added new features to the developer tools with the new update. Here are some significant changes made:

  • Microsoft Edge Dev is now available on Ubuntu, Debian, Fedora, and OpenSUSE.
  • The following categories have now been added to the “Issues” tool to help make it more manageable:
    • Accessibility
    • Compatibility
    • Performance
    • Pitfalls
    • PWA
    • Security
  • Composited Laters are now available in 3D View.
  • The CSS variables now link directly to each definition in the Styles pane.
  • Several improvements have been made to service worker debugging.
  • You can now copy the property value of a network request using the Copy value option.
  • You can now customize what different keyboard shortcuts do now by checking the box next to Enable keyboard shortcut editor in Settings.
  • Dev tools are now available in the overall browser language.

Read here for more detailed information on the new developer tools.

Download Microsoft Edge 88

To upgrade Edge to version 87 now, go to edge://settings/help. This will trigger an automatic update check and the browser will be updated automatically if an update is available.

There are a few methods that can be used to update your Edge browser to the latest version, including:

  • Update using Edge update
  • Use the download Edge installer

The methods have been discussed on a separate page here:

Methods to download and run the latest Microsoft Edge browser

You can use any method of your choice to download, install, and run the latest Edge browser. Otherwise, simply download it using the links given below:

DownloadMicrosoft Edge Stable for Windows 10

DownloadMicrosoft Edge offline installer for Windows 10

DownloadMicrosoft Edge for MacOS

DownloadMicrosoft Edge for Android

DownloadMicrosoft Edge for iOS

Once you have installed Edge 88, you should go ahead and install the latest security baseline for Edge 88. This will improve security while you are browsing the Internet using Edge browser.

Microsoft Edge Update History

Edge VersionRelease DateFeatures & improvements
Edge 12223-Feb-24Addresses 11 vulnerabilities, fixes hiding the sidebar button in the top menu, rebrands “Web capture” to “Screenshot”
Edge 12125-Jan-24Addresses 6 vulnerabilities, organizational branding policies in Edge for Business, added AVIF and AV1 support, e-tree in Wallets, new website typo protection policies
Edge 1207-Dec-23Addresses 8 vulnerabilities, introduces new policies, no new features
Edge 1192-Nov-23Addresses 16 vulnerabilities, improves split-screen restore, ability to manage sidebar app auto-launch, “Always show sidebar” option placed under Copilot settings
Edge 11813-Oct-23Addresses 15 vulnerabilities, and introduces AI-powered Find on Page.
Edge 11715-Sep-23Addresses 14 vulnerabilities, includes More Tools deprecations and unload event deprecation, includes support for Microsoft Edge for Business for BYOPC via Intune.
Edge 11621-Aug-23Addresses 23 vulnerabilities, introduces split screen, ability to drop files across devices, and ability to attach Edge sidebar to desktop.
Edge 11521-Jul-23Microsoft Edge management service , rounded tabs, mouse gestures, split screen view.
Edge 1135-May-23Basic Enhanced Security Mode was removed, shifted to EdgeUpdater on macOS, and introduced new policies, addresses 2 security vulnerabilities.
Edge 1126-Apr-23Introduced Browser Essentials in place of the Performance Hub , improvements to enhanced security mode and some policies.
Edge 11113-Mar-23Bing copilot in the toolbar, auto-hiding sidebar, hover over the sidebar to expand, and policy to clear IE mode history on browser exit.
Edge 1109-Feb-23Introduces Immersive Reader policies, Azure Active Directory synchronization, Drop feature to share files, and several security updates.
Edge 10913-Jan-2314 security updates, 8 new policies, and 2 deprecated policies.
Edge 1085-Dec-22Important security fixes, a new policy to disable Web Select amongst others.
Edge 10727-Oct-22Improved sidebar, new policies, and security fixes.
Edge 1063-Oct-22Improved web defense and increased the maximum number of search results to 4
Edge 1052-Sep-22Improvements to IE mode and enhanced security
Edge 1045-Aug-22Support to import data and enhanced security on the web
Edge 10323-Jun-22Improvements for online and web gaming
Edge 10231-May-22With reverse image search and security improvements
Edge 1001-Apr-22Sends 3-digit user agent string, PDF updates, and hardware-enforces stack protection
Edge 993-Mar-22Custom primary password and PDF navigation
Edge 984-Feb-22Edge Bar, reduced resource consumption
Edge 976-Jan-22Auto-citation, endpoint data loss prevention (DLP)
Edge 9610-Dec-21Super duper secure mode, typosquatting
Edge 9015-Apr-21SSO, PDF printing
Edge 894-Mar-21Vertical Tabs, Sleeping Tabs, Startup Boost
Edge 8821-Jan-21Password generator, transparent privacy controls
Microsoft Edge history
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