Microsoft Edge 99 Released With Custom Primary Password And PDF Navigation Using Thumbnails

The Chromium-based Microsoft Edge browser can now be upgraded to version 99.0.1150.30 on the stable version. Although Microsoft…

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The Chromium-based Microsoft Edge browser can now be upgraded to version 99.0.1150.30 on the stable version. Although Microsoft does not publish detailed release notes anymore, this post discusses the key improvements made to the browser with this update and also installs several security patches to keep your devices and online browsing safe.

After upgrading to Edge 99 using the given guide below, you can now navigate through your PDF files opened with Microsoft Edge using the thumbnails representing the pages in the left pane. Furthermore, you can now also customize your primary password for the initial authentication step before auto-filling passwords on forms.

Some other improvements have also been introduced, which are discussed further down this post. Let us now show you how to upgrade your existing Edge browser to version 99. If you have deleted the browser, you can install it from the direct download links for different platforms given below.

Release Summary

  • Complete Release Build: 99.0.1150.30
  • Release Date: Thursday, March 3, 2022
  • Compatibility: Windows 1110, 8.1, 7 (32-bit and 64-bit), Mac, Linux, iOS, and Android.
  • Previous BuildEdge 98.0.1108.43

New in Microsoft Edge 99

Custom Primary Password

Microsoft Edge already has the ability to ask for your device’s password before auto-filling credentials in a web form. Now you can change this setting to Edge by asking for a custom password, not the device’s password.

Follow these steps to enable this feature:

  1. Navigate to the following:
    Microsoft Edge >> Settings >> Profiles >> Passwords
  2. Here, under Sign in, click “Prompt for a custom primary password before filling out the website password.”
  3. You will now be asked to put in your device password/PIN. Enter it.
  4. In the next window, enter your custom password, confirm it, and then click Create.
    creat 1
  5. Now choose whether to “Always ask for password” or “Ask permission once per browsing session” from the drop-down menu under it.
    set permission

You will now be asked for a custom password, rather than the device’s password, when Edge fills in the credentials automatically. This feature adds another layer of protection to all your web accounts.

Navigate Inside PDF Files using Thumbnails

While viewing a PDF file from Microsoft Edge, you can now navigate through the file from the thumbnails given in the pane on the left.

Navigate PDF from the left pane

This navigation pane can be expanded or collapsed using the button in the top-left corner of the browser (highlighted in the image above). This feature allows users to quickly move through a PDF file and jump to different pages.

Other Features

Some other improvements have also been introduced with this release:

  • Starting with Microsoft Edge 100, Edge will send a three-digit version number in the User-Agent header, for example “Edg/100.” However, in Edge 97 and above, site owners can test this upcoming agent string by enabling the force-major-version-to-100 experiment flag in edge://flags to ensure their User-Agent parsing logic is robust and works as expected.
  • Users can personalize their multi-profile experience with the ability to create a customized list of sites for automatic profile switching in Microsoft Edge. This setting can be managed at Microsoft Edge >> Settings >> Profiles >> Profile preferences provided that you have 2 or more profiles signed into Edge.
  • Use the PasswordManagerBlocklist policy to configure the list of domains (HTTP/HTTPS schemas and hostnames only), where Microsoft Edge should disable the password manager. This means that Save and Fill workflows will be disabled, which ensures that passwords for those websites can’t be saved or auto filled into web forms. These websites show up in the Never saved section at Microsoft Edge >> Settings >> Profiles >> Passwords.
    Never saved

These are the significant changes introduced with this update. To learn more about security patches, read here.

Download Microsoft Edge 99

If you already have Microsoft Edge on your PC, you can simply upgrade it to the latest build. If not, use the links given in the next section to install it now.

Microsoft Edge comes preinstalled in Windows 11 and 10. Learn how to uninstall Microsoft Edge.

Upgrade to Edge 99

Follow the steps below to upgrade to the latest available Edge version:

  1. Click on the ellipses in the top-right corner of the browser, expand Help and feedback, and then click About Microsoft Edge.
    about edge
  2. Edge will now begin to scan for an update, and then download and install it if one is available. Once the download is completed, you will need to Restart the browser.

Once it relaunches, you can return to the About page and check that it has been updated to version 99.0.1150.30.

updated 1
Microsoft Edge updated successfully

Download Edge 99 Installers

If you want to use Edge 99 on any operating system other than Windows 11 and 10, like Windows 7, Windows 8.1, Linux, MacOS, iOS, and Android, you will need to download its offline installers.

You can download the latest Microsoft Edge installers (including stable, beta, and dev releases) from this link. You can also download the browser in your preferred language, using the tips given on the above-mentioned page.

Use Portable Edge Chromium Updater

If you are using Edge’s portable version, it will not update on its own. For that, a small tool known as Portable Edge Updater is available on GitHub, which allows you to install or update the existing Microsoft Edge Chromium to the latest build available. You can also use this tool to download the x64 and x86 versions from all channels, including the stable channel and the 3 channels from Edge Insider.

Download the tool by opening the Portable Edge GitHub page and then clicking on the link provided Portable.Edge.Chromium.Updater….7z.

Download Portable Edge Updater

The tool is then downloaded. Extract it and then run the .exe file. Inside the tool, click on the channel and bit architecture you want to download (the versions are also mentioned). In this case, we will download Edge version 99 from the stable channel.

Download Microsoft Edge Portable

The browser will then begin to update (or download). Once it is done, you can check that the Microsoft Edge Chromium portable 98 is now available on your device.

Microsoft Edge Update History

Edge VersionFeatures
Edge 105Improvements to IE mode and enhanced security
Edge 104Support to import data and have enhanced security on the web
Edge 103Improvements for online and web gaming
Edge 102With reverse image search and security improvements
Edge 100Sends 3-digit user agent string, PDF updates, and hardware-enforces stack protection
Edge 99Custom primary password and PDF navigation
Edge 98Edge Bar, reduced resource consumption
Edge 97Auto-citation, endpoint data loss prevention (DLP)
Edge 96Super duper secure mode, typosquatting
Edge 90SSO, PDF printing
Edge 88Password generator, transparent privacy controls
Microsoft Edge history

Closing Words

Google Chrome 99 was also recently released. Microsoft followed the trend of releasing an Edge update shortly after Chrome. However, the features introduced in this update were not identical to the ones introduced in Chrome 99.

Edge 100 is scheduled to release by the week of March 31, 2022. You can view the tentative release dates for future updates for Edge here.

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