How To Enable/Disable Edge Clarity Boost In Windows

Microsoft Edge Clarity BoostMicrosoft Edge Clarity Boost

Microsoft recently announced Microsoft Edge version 103 which introduced several new features focused on the online gaming community. These features were specially intended for the Xbox Cloud Gaming platform which optimizes the web browser’s performance, enhances its graphics, and provides dedicated gaming menus.

One of these features is “Clarity Boost,” which significantly enhances the graphics of the online game you are playing.

Learn about the new Efficiency Mode in Microsoft Edge 103.

Today we are going to learn what clarity boost is and how you can enable and disable it.

What is Clarity Boost in Microsoft Edge

As we mentioned, clarity boost is a graphics enhancement feature in Microsoft Edge that you can enable or disable in-game on the Xbox Cloud Gaming platform on Windows 10 and 11. The feature is not yet supported on other Microsoft operating systems.

Clarity boost makes the graphics more realistic and crispier using client-side scaling improvements. Of course, this can only be used on games played online through the Xbox Cloud Gaming platform.

If you have an Xbox account, you can those games online through Microsoft Edge without having to use an emulator or a third-party application. Not only that, but the new features in Edge 103 will improve your gaming experience significantly.

The clarity boost feature is disabled but default but can be enabled manually.

Enable or Disable Clarity Boost in Microsoft Edge

Below you’ll find the guide to enable or disable clarity boost whilst playing an online game in Microsoft. You can also use the new efficiency mode to optimize your gaming experience.

Note: Before performing these steps, make sure you have a valid Xbox account, have Microsoft Edge version 103 or above, and are using either Windows 11 or Windows 10 OS.

  1. Open the Xbox Play page in the Microsoft Edge browser and log in using your Xbox account credentials.

  2. Once logged in, launch the game that you want to play since the feature can only be controlled in-game.

  3. When the game starts, expand the menu by clicking on the dots in the top-left corner.

    Expand menu
    Expand menu
  4. Now click on the 3 dots again to open the streaming menu.

    Open streaming options
    Open streaming options
  5. You will now see different options in front of you in translucent tiles. Click Enable Clarity Boost to enable the feature.

    Enable clarity boost
    Enable clarity boost

That’s it! Clarity boost will now be enabled. You may notice that the screen may flicker when the feature is enabled, enhancing the game’s graphics. When enabled, you can simply close the menu and continue with your game.

In case you need to disable the feature, simply return to the same streaming menu and click Disable Clarity Boost.

Disable clarity boost
Disable clarity boost

Final Thoughts

Microsoft Edge is advancing as a web browser, especially after the discontinuation of Internet Explorer. The new features introduced in Edge version 103 are targeted toward the gaming community, and we think that they just might shift to Edge if they aren’t already using it.

Let us know your favorite web browser and the reason for it in the comments below.

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