How To Enable “Trade-In Or Recycle” Option In Windows 11 Settings

To enable Microsoft’s “Trade-in or Recycle” option in Windows 11 Settings app, use ViveTool and run “ViveTool.exe /enable /id:39731733” in an elevated Command Prompt on Windows 11 Build 25247 or higher.

Microsoft Trade In or Recycle Page Windows 11

For those of you who are not aware, Microsoft has a “Trade-in or recycle” program for its OEM devices. This program encourages you to upgrade your computers by recycling your old devices and getting a decent value in return. You can then choose to buy another, newer PC or cash out.

Previously, Microsoft added the ability for you to access the “Trade-in or recycle” page directly into the Windows 11 Settings page for the Insiders on the Dev channel with Build 22557. However, this feature was later removed. But now, this has been reintroduced with Build 25247, but the feature is still hidden.

Below you’ll find the method to enable the “Trade-in or recycle” page and start planning your next PC. Once enabled, you can access this option at the following location:

Settings app >> System >> About >> Related
Trade in or recycle option in Windows 11 Settings app
Trade in or recycle option in Windows 11 Settings app

Enable “Trade-in or Recycle” Section

Since the “Trade-in or Recycle” section inside the Settings app in Windows 11 is still experimental, it is hidden by default. However, you can enable it using ViveTool. ViveTool is a small utility designed to enable hidden features in the Windows operating system that Microsoft has not activated by default.

To enable this feature, follow these steps:

  1. Firstly, ensure that you are running Windows 11 Build 25247 or higher. You can confirm your current OS build by typing in winver in the Run Command box.

  2. Once confirmed, open GitHub and download the ViveTool Zip file by clicking on it.

    Download ViveTool
    Download ViveTool
  3. Now extract the contents of the compressed, downloaded ZIP file.

    Extract ViveTool
    Extract ViveTool
  4. Now run Command Prompt with elevated privileges and change the directory to the extracted ViveTool folder using the “CD /d” cmdlet followed by the complete path.

    CD /d [PathToExtractedViveToolFolder]
    Change directory 3
    Change directory
  5. Now run the following command to enable the “Trade-in or recycle” option inside the Settings app.

    ViveTool.exe /enable /id:39731733
    Enable Trade in or Recycle option
    Enable the “Trade-in or Recycle” option
  6. Now restart your computer for the changes to take effect.

You can now see the “Trade-in or recycle” option in the Settings app at System >> About under the Related settings.

Clicking on this link will open the respective page on Microsoft’s website, where you can begin your recycling or trading journey directly with Microsoft.

If you wish to disable this option in the future, all you need to do is run the following cmdlet and restart your computer:

ViveTool.exe /disable /id:39731733

Closing Words

Microsoft greatly supports and emphasizes on recycling older devices and reducing the carbon footprint. Microsoft also states that the manufacturers will be able to customize the trade-in and recycling page and provide useful links for when the end-user wants to buy a new computer.

Starting with Windows 11 version 22H2, the Settings app includes customizable links that you can configure to direct customers to device trade-in or recycle programs. Configuring these links is optional, and only links that have been customized will be shown.


Microsoft also provides a complete guide on how to customize this page. If you are an OEM, then we also encourage you to join the bandwagon and promote the recycling of electronics.

At the moment, this option is hidden, but we believe that it will make its way to the stable Windows 11 channel in a few more iterations.

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