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Social media has become a trend in today’s era. Everybody is engaged in uploading and sharing everything related to their daily activities of business, personal or any stuff. The limit of age doesn’t matter at all. Kids as well as older people are using social media actively.

The Facebook and Instagram are two most used and favorite social media sites among users of every age. You can do lots of things by creating accounts on these two services. You can stay connected with your friends and family, even they are at a distance from you, you can promote your business, add your pictures and many other cool things.

In this article, we will compare Facebook and Instagram. Both platforms are very good but suitable for different types of purposes. I hope you will be able to get that sense of purpose from this article.

Facebook Vs Instagram: a Comparison

No. of Users

Facebook has more users than Instagram because some people do not know about the Instagram as it comes quite later than Facebook. You will find more of your friends on Facebook than on Instagram.

So for this Facebook took more score than Instagram.

Facebook = +2

Instagram = +1


Instagram is used by the youngster or showbiz people, whereas Facebook is equally used by all ages of users. And it has seen that most of the adults or older are using Facebook more interestingly than kids and youngsters. So if you want to make your advertisement accordingly, you should do an advertisement for the youngster on Instagram and for older people, make your advertisement on Facebook.

Facebook = +2

Instagram = +1


Facebook provides you more options regarding privacy. You can change the privacy for your each post, status, and activity. And can deal with many other timeline privacy settings. While on Instagram, you can either make your account public or private, no privacy settings for individual posts.

Here Facebook gets more score in Privacy Settings.

Facebook = +3

Instagram = +0

Algorithm Techniques

Both Facebook and Instagram are using strong and advanced algorithms to make the content best and approachable or users. If you talk about video and photo contents than Instagram is better in techniques, while Facebook gives you better regarding status, posts and text contents. Lately, Facebook has started showing more ads on the timeline which is irritating for most users as the ads are almost blended into the timeline.

Facebook = -2

Instagram = +1


The Facebook interface is simple and easy to use with lots of options and features, which sometimes cause confusion for a user who is new to Facebook because he does not even know how to use Facebook’s all features and things.

While Instagram is only meant to post videos and photos, and that is easy for a new user too. But the Instagram’s interface is a little bit messy due to photos and video contents. But user finds it easy to use at his first time.

Facebook = +0

Instagram = +1

Advertising Platform

Both are good for advertising your business or products or any other stuff. If you want a detailed ad for your stuff, then you should go to Facebook. Sometimes the user isn’t interested in reading all ads and wants a quick and brief info about your ad so this drew his attention.

But if you want to attract user abruptly, then post your attractive ad on Instagram to capture the user’s attention.

Here Instagram gets more score than Facebook.

Facebook = +2

Instagram = +1


Facebook can be used on any device via the App or Desktop Version. But Instagram is only used for mobile or tablet as an App. Because Instagram is new and hopefully its other device supported version will be available soon.

Here Facebook gets more score than Instagram.

Facebook = +3

Instagram = -2

Other Accounts Integration

Facebook do not let you integrate any of your other accounts with it, while in Instagram you can integrate your Facebook, Google Drive, twitter, Dropbox, and Pinterest accounts.

Facebook = -1

Instagram = +2

Play Games

Facebook allows you to play many games in the Facebook game room, but Instagram does not have any games for users to play. Because Instagram’s database is small and it is only available in App version so far.

Here Facebook gets more score than Instagram.

Facebook = +1

Instagram = +0


According to my comparison, you can see that, at somewhere Facebook is better while in some cases, Instagram is better to use. But overall Facebook is more popular and cluttered with features. Whereas Instagram is also on its way to get equal popularity as of Facebook and so far it is already becoming very famous and can compete with Facebook easily.

Let’s conclude my article by providing you the comparison table for quick and better review of both social media sites.

Visual comparison of Facebook and Instagram

Below is the table which will allow you to have a quick overview of the comparison of both Facebook and Instagram. It will help you in getting to know each platform clearly.

Facebook Instagram
No. of Users 2 1
Interface 0 1
Demographics 2 1
Privacy 3 0
Al -2 1
Interface 0 1
Advertising 3 1
Devices 3 -2
Other accounts Integration -1 2
Total Score 10 6

What do you think of both these platforms? Which is your favorite one and why?

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