How To Find Encrypted Files And Folders in Windows 10

Microsoft provides you the encryption facility through the Encryption File System tool. The EFS is the built-in tool in the Windows Operating System that provides encryption to your folders to give you protection so that your important and sensitive data stay away from evil and unwanted access.

When you apply encryption to any file or folder, a lock sign will appear on that particular folder or file and the lock sign shows that folder or file is protected or encrypted.

Sometimes you forget that where you put your encrypted files and folders in your System because you were planning to give more protection by hiding those files to some protected place. And when you need that file or folder, your mind can’t help you out that where you had put your encrypted files.

In this tutorial, I am providing you with an easy way to keep track of all of your encrypted files. Follow below solution to have the list of all of your encrypted files and folders.

Not Supported Windows Version

One thing before you are going to view the list of all encrypted files and folders of your System, check your version of Windows first. If you are using the following version of Windows then you do not have the built-in encryption feature available in your Operating System.

  • Windows XP Home
  • Vista Home Basic
  • Vista Home Premium
  • Windows 7 Starter
  • Windows 7 Home Basic
  • Windows 7 Home Premium
  • Windows 10 Home

Listing down all the encrypted files and folders

Open your Command Prompt window and type the following command in it and hit the enter key. As you press Enter, all the files encrypted files will be listed for you with the destination where they are lying actually.

“Cipher /u /n  ”

So the command will run quickly and you will get the list of all of your encrypted files and folders shortly.

How To Find Encrypted Files And Folders in Windows 10 1

Save Cipher output in a text file

If you want to save the list as a text file so that if you again forget about the destination of your folders, you can easily check in the text file and have access to your required encrypted file or folder.

Open CMD and type following command

Cipher /u /n  > %UserProfile%DesktopEncryptedFiles.txt

Now go to the Desktop and see you are having the text file with name EcncryptedFiles, the file will contain all your encrypted files and folders with the location.

How To Find Encrypted Files And Folders in Windows 10 2

So by applying above solution, get your lost encrypted files and folders. And if you forgive again about them, you can go to your text file and see where your files­ are present. Thank you

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