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The stable build of Mozilla Firefox 63 has been released improving the performance for browsing and online gaming. Firefox 63 Quantum consumes less memory and speed up the page loading in different tabs. Anti tracker technology has further made the web browser light.  The latest version provides several customization features like extensions, themes and toolbar.

Firefox 63 comes with the themes that match Windows 10 OS dark and light modes. Now you can block content easily and much more. Just keep reading.

Mozilla seems to have removed “Never check for updates” option for Firefox users which is a little disappointing owing to the fact that we won’t be able to disable Firefox updates unless we are an enterprise user.

If you are a developer, Firefox 63 brings you a refreshed visual style for Developer tools. Let’s go through each new feature and fix one by one.

Firefox 63 new features

Let’s discuss the new features first.

Content Blocking

Firefox 63 can block all cookies and trackers from third party which cause lag in the speeds. You can select that whether you want to stop third parties from tracking you. A shield icon will appear on the address bar whenever the Firefox detects the tracking and stops it . You can turn the content blocking on and off as you desire. For this go to Options –> Privacy and Security.


Mozilla have started selling subscriptions for ProtonVPN. This will be available on October 24 for small group of Firefox users. The monthly subscription will charge for $10. Selected users from US will be able to see the VPN to check the feasibility of this feature before making it public to everyone.

Picture-in-Picture Video

Support for Picture-in-Picture video has been added but that is limited to certain websites. This feature can  be accessed on Android 8.0 Oreo or later . Visit the supported websites and then press Home button to watch videos on floating window.

The updated Firefox for Android can minimize animation effects by identifying the operating system accessibility setting. English versions from Canada (en-CA) and Ligurian (lij) in the form of new locales are also available.

Performance and visual improvements

If you are a Windows user, you will notice a delightful increase in performance of the new Firefox. This is because Mozilla has move the build infrastructure of Firefox to Clang toolchain. This brings essential performance improvements.

Mozilla has also improved the performance of Firefox 63 on Mac OS. Mac OS users will be able to see improved response from the browser while browsing and also switching tabs on the Firefox window.

In Linux, the WebExtensions will run in their own processes making the browser more stable and responsive.

Fixed and changed features in Firefox 63

There is only one bug that seems to be fixed in this release of Firefox. The issue that prevented the address bar from autofilling bookmarked URLs in certain cases has been resolved.

Open in Sidebar feature for individual websites has been removed. Before Firefox 63, users could open additional web pages in the sidebar. This feature is still present in Vivaldi and Opera and is very useful for power users. I wonder why Mozilla has thought against this useful feature.

Another disappointing feature that has been removed is the “Never check for updates” option. From now on, like Microsoft in Windows 10, Mozilla will force users to upgrade to the latest version of Firefox apart from the fact whether they want to upgrade or not.

Firefox 63 comes with refreshed visual style of developer tools menus. The Dev Tools accessibility inspector is enabled by default.

Fore more information about the new features, fixes and change, you may see the release notes here.

Migrate from Chrome, Edge to Firefox

Firefox provides you facility to migrate your bookmarks, passwords, history and other preferences from Chrome. If you want to import your setting from Firefox to Chrome, download and install Firefox. Then click on Import Now button. Exit the Chrome window if you have opened it.

Then select the browser from which you wan to import and then press Next.

Select the items you want to import i-e if you do not want to import history uncheck it and then press Next. Click on Finish button and then you are done. 

if Import now option is not displayed, then click Bookmarks.

Then go to Show all Bookmarks at the bottom. After that press Import and Backup and select Import Data from another Browser from the menu.

Check installed version of Firefox

You can easily check which version of Firefox is installed on your computer. Simple open Firefox and go to its menu –> Help –> About Firefox. This will display the current version of Firefox installed on your computer. It will also automatically check for new updates and will notify you if a new version is available for download and installation.

Checking the installed version of Firefox

Checking the installed version of Firefox

Firefox 63 offline installers direct download links

Download Firefox 63 offline installer for Windows 64-bit [42.34 MB]

Download Firefox 63 offline installer for Windows 32-bit [40.53 MB]

Download Firefox 63 offline installer for Linux (Tar) 32-bit/64-bit [52.68 MB]

Download Firefox 63 offline installer for Mac (dmg) [56.33 MB]

Download Firefox 63 in all languages

Download Firefox for Android

Download Firefox 63 APK for Android

Download Firefox for iOS

Download Firefox Portable in all languages

If your browser performance is slow, just download Firefox. It will automatically track the issues slowing down the browser. If some web page is working slow it will display the message , then you can wait it or close that page. So download the latest version of Firefox now and enjoy the fastest browsing experience.

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