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Firefox 73Firefox 73

Mozilla Firefox 73 stable is out and is available for download and installation. If you have already installed Firefox, just run the browser and it will automatically be updated. You can also update Firefox to version 73 manually.

Firefox 73 includes all the features which were tested and scheduled for release in the beta version.

Along with the main thread, Firefox ESR is also updated to version 68.5.0. You can download Firefox ESR 68.5.0 from here.

Features and fixes included in Firefox 73

Global Page Zoom default

In Firefox 72 and earlier builds, users could zoom in and zoom out an individual website but it was not available as a browser default. For setting a custom zoom level, the user had to open the website and then change its zoom level from the Firefox menu.

Firefox 73 lets users set a global zoom level for the browser. That means, when the global zoom level is set, all websites will open zoomed in or out, whatever is configured.

Google Chrome already comes with this setting. So it’s a bit of catching up for Firefox on this feature.

High Contrast Mode

The problem with websites with an image background is that they can’t cope well with dark mode or even when high contrast mode is enabled. Mozilla fixed this by placing a “readability backplate” background color between the text and the background image.

This setting is especially useful for people who work with Windows high contrast mode enabled.

Other minor fixes

Improved audio quality when playing back audio at a faster or slower speed.

Firefox will now only prompt you to save logins if a field in a login form was modified.

If you want to go through all the security fixes, you may visit this page. You can also go through the Firefox 73 release notes.

If you are a developer or a site owner, make sure you read through site compatibility and for developers pages.

Download Firefox 73

We have a dedicated Firefox download page that discusses everything related to the download and update process. Here is the list of topics we discuss on the page:

But if you want to download this specific version, you can download using the direct download links given below. The links will download Firefox 73 offline installers that you can use to install without an Internet connection.

Final thoughts

With Google Chrome leading the pack of browser wars and Microsoft coming up with Chromium-based Edge browser, it is becoming difficult for Mozilla to keep Firefox relevant.

Firefox is loved by developers for its flexibility and security features while people prefer Chrome because of speed. Which browser do you prefer for your work?

Mozilla will release a new version of Firefox every 4 weeks in 2020. The following will be the release schedule for stable versions of Firefox in 2020:

  1. Firefox 73 – 11th Feb 2020
  2. Firefox 74 – 10th Mar 2020
  3. Firefox 75 – 7th Apr 2020
  4. Firefox 76 – 5th May 2020
  5. Firefox 77 – 2nd Jun 2020
  6. Firefox 78 – 30th Jun 2020
  7. Firefox 79 – 28th July 2020
  8. Firefox 80 – 25th Aug 2020
  9. Firefox 81 – 22nd Sep 2020
  10. Firefox 82 – 20th Oct 2020
  11. Firefox 83 – 17th Nov 2020
  12. Firefox 84 – 15th Dec 2020

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