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Firefox 75Firefox 75

Although Microsoft Edge crossed Firefox in usage terms, Firefox keeps on improving and concentrating on an already existing loyal audience.

Mozilla has just released Firefox 75 fixing a couple of 0-day exploit fixes and some performance enhancements and new features. With this update, Mozilla Firefox continues to improve its user interface.

Firefox 75

In this article I will cover the latest features and improvements Firefox is now offering along with some important update details.

Release Details

Release Date: April 7th, 2020
Compatibility: Compatible with Windows (32-bit and 64-bit both), Mac and Linux
Corresponding ESR release: 68.7.0
Previous most recent stable version: Firefox 74.0.1
Release owner: Pascal Chevrel

Download Firefox 75

Download Firefox 75 for Windows 64-bit [49.35 MB]

Download Firefox 75 for Windows 32-bit [49.88 MB]

Download Firefox 75 for Linux

Download Firefox 75 for Mac

Download Firefox 75 for Android

Download Firefox 75 for iOS

Download Firefox 75 in all languages

There are other ways to install or update Firefox to the latest version.

New Features in Firefox 75

Some new features that Firefox 75 is offering are listed below:

  1. A renewed address bar that not only looks better on smaller screens, but also facilitates users’ access to favorite sites with less typing.
    “Now, just select the address bar and a box that will expand with links to the main sites. A redesigned interface provides a clean and focused search experience, optimized for smaller screens” (Quoted by Mozilla)
  2. Mozilla Firefox 75 offers Enhanced HTTPS compatibility with Web servers configured incorrectly by caching locally all certificates of PKI Certificate Authority Web trusted by background Mozilla by default.
  3. Mozilla also implemented lazy load support for images and iframes in Firefox 75, as well as improved support for Wayland with VA-API video acceleration and better WebGL performance.

Firefox 75 Major Improvements

Along with new features, Firefox 75 has done following Improvements:

  1. This release brings many stability and security fixes, especially for two recent zero-day flaws that Mozilla reported being exploited (fixed in the Firefox update 74.0.1)
  2. Now it offers an easier way to install and use Firefox on Linux with Flatpak support
  3. As described earlier, for web developers, it now supports the “loading” attribute which when set to “lazy” will allow for images to only load when they are within the viewport, speeding up page loading for uses and decreasing network bandwidth that overall and saves volume tariffs.
  4. It now offers Direct Composition support for Windows to get us even better performance and closer to our goal of shipping WebRender
  5. Another great update for web developers is the new Instant evaluation for Console expressions. The developers can identify and fix errors quickly using this feature.

How do you check which version of Firefox you are running on your computer?

There are a few ways to check the currently installed version of Firefox including the following:

  1. Using Firefox Help
  2. Using Firefox about:support command
  3. Using Windows command-line

All these ways are discussed in detail in the following article:

Check the installed version of Firefox

Switch to the latest version of Firefox to have a better browsing experience and to enjoy the latest perks of the classic update of Firefox 75. Other latest versions of Firefox are also scheduled to be released this year. Here’s the schedule:

  1. Firefox 75 – 7th Apr 2020
  2. Firefox 76 – 5th May 2020
  3. Firefox 77 – 2nd Jun 2020
  4. Firefox 78 – 30th Jun 2020
  5. Firefox 79 – 28th July 2020
  6. Firefox 80 – 25th Aug 2020
  7. Firefox 81 – 22nd Sep 2020
  8. Firefox 82 – 20th Oct 2020
  9. Firefox 83 – 17th Nov 2020
  10. Firefox 84 – 15th Dec 2020
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