How to fix high CPU Usage Antimalware Service

How To Fix High CPU Usage Antimalware ServiceHow To Fix High CPU Usage Antimalware Service

Anti-malware service is executed by the Windows defender to check the presence of malware and threats and if found any then take action against the viruses. Whenever the user starts its System, the Anti-malware service started and start consuming the huge amount of CPU’s memory. The service is running in the background and user can’t know about it that how much it is consuming memory. In result of taking lots of CPU load and takes lots of CPU utilization causes other processes slow in working. To avoid the Anti-malware service to be executable do the following steps And reduce the CPU’s load so other processes and services may work smoothly.

Disabling Windows Defender

Disabling Windows defender can solve your problem and the extra load on your System’s CPU will reduce when you disable the Defender. But for the protection of your System please install another Security Tool.

Using Registry Editor

Open your Run dialog and type “regedit.exe”. And go to following Registry entry.

“HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/Software/Policies/Microsoft/Windows Defender

How to fix high CPU Usage Antimalware Service 8

There you see the key of “disable AntiSpyware”. Click on it and edit it and set its value to 0 instead of 1. And press on OK.

How to fix high CPU Usage Antimalware Service 9

You can also download the following registry file and automatically add the above settings to Windows Registry.

Download disable Windows Defender reg file

Using Group Policy Editor

Open the run dialog and write “gpedit.msc” and move o following entry in your Policy editor .

Computer Configuration/Administrative Templates/ Windows Components/ Windows Defender. When you click on Windows Defender, the Right-Hand window will stretch. Look for the option of “Turn Off Windows Defender”.

How to fix high CPU Usage Antimalware Service 10

Click on “Turn Off Windows Defender” and select the “enable” option, this will disable the Windows Defender.

How to fix high CPU Usage Antimalware Service 11

Now close the Group Policy Window and restart your System so that changes may apply.

Adding Anti-malware service to the Windows Defender Exclusion List

The Anti-malware Executable service when added to the exclusion list of the Windows Defender, this will automatically reduce the utilization and load of System’s CPU. Add this to the Exclusion list, track the below steps.

Open the Resource Monitor by pressing “Ctrl+Shift+Esc” and go to services under processes tab and find the service of “Anti-malware service executable”. Right-click on it and select “open file location”.

Now its file location will open and the MsMpEng file is selected by default. Copy the address of this location.

How to fix high CPU Usage Antimalware Service 12

After copying the address, open Settings from Start Menu or hold the window key and press “I”. Then go to “Update and Security” and then select the Windows Defender from the left-hand pane. From the right-hand window, go to “add an exclusion” under the Exclusions.

How to fix high CPU Usage Antimalware Service 13

Open it, and paste the copied address of MsMpEng in File Type. Click on Save and Press Ok. Your required “exe” file is added to exclusion list of Windows Defender.

How to fix high CPU Usage Antimalware Service 14

Disable the Anti-malware service as soon because putting too much load on CPU may cause bad effect on your System’s health. Disabling this service may provide you fast and normal speed for other processes and services. But again, I am mentioning if you are going to disable your windows defender, have another security tool for your system for the Security and Safety of your machine.

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