Google Chrome 59 Offline Installers Download For All Operating Systems

The stable version of Google Chrome 59 has been released and available for download and installation. This version is available for MAC, Windows and Linux users. As Chrome is reliable and easy to use browser, version 59 makes it more stable and more reliable, faster and secure than ever.

Download Google Chrome 61 Offline Installers

This version comes with many improvements and new features. Let’s see what’s changes have been made in this version. At the end of this article, you can download the offline installers for Chrome 59 Stable version for all Operating Systems. These installers are official direct download links from Google’s own servers. So you can confidently download and install the latest version of Google Chrome 59.

(You may also be interested in downloading Google Chrome beta, dev and canary versions)

New features and improvements in Chrome 59

  1. Many fixes have been made in this release including address spoofing in Omnibox, information leak in CSP reporting, UI spoofing blink, inappropriate javascript execution etc. See here for more details.
  2. The Settings of Chrome has been updated to Material Design with a new look but simplicity and ease of use are still present. Now you can search the settings like you can search anything else.
  3. Google Chrome 59 comes with the support of animated PNGs
  4. You can take a screenshot of full page using Dev Tools.
  5. Improvements have been made in Dev Tools.
  6. The Linux and MacOS version uses native notifications instead of Chrome notifications.

Chrome 59 Stable Offline Installer Link

Download for Windows 32-bit MSI file

Download for Windows 64-bit MSI file

Download for Windows 32-bit EXE file

Download for Windows 64-bit EXE file

Download for MAC OS DMG file

Download for Linux Debian 64-bit

Download for Linux RPM 64-bit

Check your Chrome version

Download the latest version for your Operating System. And after downloading you can check that whether your version has upgraded or not.

Go to the Settings of your Google Chrome and then “About. Here you will see the version of your Chrome browser.

While Google Chrome has updated its browser in sync with Chromium project, other browsers which are based on Chromium will still need to be updated. Keep looking for updates for Comodo Dragon, Avira Scout, UC browser, Vivaldi, Opera etc.

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