Identify System Issues With Kaspersky System Checker

Kaspersky System Checker is a free tool for scanning your PC for different types of threats and other system related issues which are normally overlooked. Kaspersky System Checker will only detect and notify you about the problems. You’ll need to fix the problems manually. Let’s go through some of the features of Kaspersky System Checker.

It not only check for viruses but also for updates, poorly configured windows, application settings and many more.

Download the Kaspersky System Checker from here

It is compatible with most versions of Windows.

After downloading, install it to your system and launch it to start the scan of your System.

Clink on “Run Diagnostics” to start the scan. It’ll take a minute or two to complete the diagnoses. After that result will be shown to you. It’ll scan each of your programs installed or available on your System.

After the scan, result with Red mark shows that there is problem with that program or folder. And with Blue mark, those folders are safe.

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Sometime the issues which it gets while scanning can’t get all information about that issue. So user who isn’t so technical some time get worries to what exactly the issue is and how to fix it.

But it is not with all issues, some issues scanned by Kaspersky Health Checker explained well and user can easily take action against them.

There are two more tabs other than of Detected items. One is System Info and other is Additional Info.

System Info provides you complete information about system, its Installed Program, All Programs, Recently Installed Program, Large Programs and Infrequently Used.

And the Additional Info tab provides the issues which are non-critical. And which user doesn’t have to worry about. Some issues are clearly discuss while for some issues user needs to get more about them to resolve them properly.

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System Checker is a nifty tool from Kaspersky which provides you complete scan of your System so that if anything bad is happening with your System, you may take action against them. And the issues which are not clearly mentioned or discussed you can search them and find the best solution to fix them. So This Kaspersky Health Checker helps you a lot in making your system free from any cynical issues. How do you check your system for issues, threats and errors?

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