How to Install Windows 11 Home with Local Account And No Internet

Microsoft has made it mandatory to upgrade both the hardware and software for Windows 11 machine enhanced security and performance. In addition to forcing the user to be connected to the Internet and to login using a Microsoft ID instead of a local account, Microsoft requires the user to be connected to the Internet when installing Windows 11 Home edition.

Having an internet connection and logging in with a Microsoft account is one of the requirements of Windows 11 Home.

Previously, when pressing the Alt + F4 keys, the Microsoft OOBE experience windows would disappear and a new window would appear to allow the user to set up a local user account. The trick is no longer effective. After some research, I have come up with another solution you can use to install Windows 11 Home without an internet connection and with a local account.

How to complete Windows 11 Home setup without Internet or Microsoft ID

You can complete your installation of Windows 11 Home with a local account without access to the Internet by following the steps below. I have followed these steps on the latest Windows 11 dev version and they are working perfectly well.

Note: You can download Windows 11 from here and create a bootable USB using Ventoy.

Step 1

Continue with your Windows 11 Home setup until you get the “Let’s connect you to a network” window.

Lets connect you to a network
Let’s connect you to a network

Step 2

Press Shift + F10 to open the command prompt window.

Step 3

Enter the following command in the command prompt window:


This will open the Task Manager. Click on More details to open the detailed process management window.

Step 4

Locate Network Connection Flow from the list of processes. Right click on it and select End task.

Network Connection Flow process end
Network Connection Flow process end

Step 5

Close the command prompt window and you will get “Who’s going to use this device?“. Enter the username you want to use with Windows 11 Home. This will be created locally.

Whos going to use this device
whos going to use this device

Step 3 + 4 Alternative

You can also run the following command in Command Prompt which will automatically kill the Network Connection Flow process:

taskkill /F /IM oobenetworkconnectionflow.exe
Windows 11 Home with local account
Windows 11 Home with local account

Once the installation is complete, you will be able to login using your freshly created local account without the need to connect to the Internet. But since Windows 11 works wonderfully well with the Internet, you can connect to the Internet after logging in for the first time.

Windows 11 will not force you to connect using a Microsoft account. However, my experience with Windows 11 is that you will get prompts to log into Windows 11 using a Microsoft ID to enjoy an integrated online experience. It is not mandatory to follow the prompts. You can cancel it anytime you want.


According to Microsoft, local accounts can only be created on Windows 11 Pro and Enterprise editions. In spite of the fact that Windows 10 also had similar restrictions, creating local accounts for the Home edition was not required. 
With such restrictions, Microsoft is making the Windows 11 Operating System more secure, yet annoying for Home users. Ideally, users should have the option of using a Microsoft ID or continuing to use Windows 11 with a local account, especially when the user has purchased the software.

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