Java 8 Update 141 Offline Installers


Java 8 update 141 has been released and is ready for download and installation. Users can download this update to upgrade their Java version to avail new features and better performance. New changes have made and many bugs are fixed. Performance and security improvements have made. We will give Java 8 update 141 offline installers for all Operating Systems in this article.

Let’s first see how to check your current Java version and how to update it manually from the Java control panel if Java is already installed in your system. Otherwise you can download the offline installers for installing Java in your system.

Check Java version

First thing you should do is to check which Java version you are using on your machine. For this open Command Prompt window ad type

“java- version”

Java 8 Update 141 offline installers

Check for update using Java control panel app

If your Java version isn’t the latest one, you can upgrade it manually from the Control Panel. If an update is present it will start installing, if not, then pop up a message will appear that your Java version is already updated one.

  1. Open Control Panel and go to Java.
  2. Now go to Update tab and click on “Update Now”.
  3. If any new update is available, the installer will start downloading the update, it will take 1-2 minutes to  complete the downloading and installing the Java update.
  4. After installation completes, a confirmation window will say that your download is successful.

New Features in Java 8 update 141


  • The Java 8 update 141 contains IANA Time Zone data version 2017b which was previously 2016j.

Disabled SHA-1 TLS Server Certificates

  • Any TLS Server Certificate chain containing SHA-1 certificate (end-entity or intermediate CA) and anchored by a root CA certificate included by default in Oracle’s JDK is now blocked by default. TLS Server Certificate chains that are anchored by the enterprise or private CAs are not affected.

New Constraints

  • Three new Constraints have been added to Security Property in the Java 8 update 141. One is jdkCA, the second one is denyAfter, and the third one is usage.


  • JMX Diagnostic Improvements has been made.
  • In this Update, Custome HostnameVerifier has enabled SNI extension.
  • On the processing of WSDL, tighter security checks have been implemented via wsimport tool.

Bugs Fixes

The bugs which were reported in the earlier version is now fixed in the Java 8u141.  And fixes have been applied to security vulnerabilities

Expiration date

Java 8u141 will expire on October 17, 2017, and the new update will available for sure.

Offline Installer Link


Download Java 8 update 141 for Windows 64-bit

Download Java 8 update 141 for Windows 32-bit


Download Java 8 update 141 for MacOS X


Download Java 8 update 141 for Linux RPM 32-bit

Download Java 8 update 141 for Linux RPM 64-bit

Download Java 8 update 141 for Linux TAR 32-bit

Download Java 8 update 141 for Linux TAR 64-bit


Download Java 8u141 for Solaris SPARC x64

Download Java 8u141 for Solaris x64

Upgrade the Java to the latest version and enjoy new features and better performance and security than before.

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