Close/Restart Programs At Once In Windows Using ProcessKO Portable


A simple way of closing programs in Windows is by clicking the close button. The close button comes with almost all standard programs. It is located at the top right corner of each window. Windows 8.1 has introduced the close button in modern apps too. It is very convenient for a user to click the close button for ending a program.

The problem comes with there are several programs open and the user needs to close each one of them separately. Sometimes it is a requirement to restart all open programs. This also has to be done manually if you’re using default Windows tools.

ProcessKO is a portable app which can help in this situation. ProcessKO can instantly close or restart multiple programs very quickly.


Just be cautioned that ProcessKO terminates the processes without warning. So if you have some unsaved work, it’ll be lost without warning. The first look at ProcessKO is a little confusion but it’s very simple to operate. Let’s go step by step with the configuration steps.

If you have some programs that you open and close frequently,  you can add them to ProcessKO favorites. This can be done only when those programs are running. Once they have been added to favorites, they can be closed by clicking on their icon under Favorites. Clicking while holding the Alt key will start the program in background. This is especially helpful if you have to open multiple programs in a row.

The Instant K.O. will kill the selected process immediately. The list of processes does not include the core system processes. If you want to kill a process after sometime, you may use the KO Timer menu and set the kill timer between 1 and 19 seconds.

Before doing any action with ProcessKO, you will need to check the checkbox “I am an expert and know what I am doing”.

ProcessKO can be started with Windows which can be turned on using the first file menu.

ProcessKO File MenuProcessKO comes with some handy keyboard hotkeys to kill and/or restart the currently active program. Ctrl + Alt + F4 will kill the active window while Ctrl + Alt + F5 will restart the active program.

The System Menu in the bottom left of ProcessKO windows can be used to instantly shutdown, restart, sleep, logoff, lock or hibernate the system.

ProcessKO System MenuDownload ProcessKO

Final thoughts

ProcessKO is a small app which does a few things that are handy if it is used regularly like opening your favorite programs by Alt-clicking on their icons, restarting apps using Ctrl + Alt + F5 etc. But overall, it lacks a lot of functionality which I was expecting from the app like closing all the apps simultaneously or in groups, setting a time in the timer rather than giving a 19 seconds limit etc.

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