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Complete List Of Firefox About: Commands

Firefox makes use of special URL commands to display its internal pages for configuration and functionality. For example, about:blank command in the address bar displays a blank page and about:config displays all the Firefox configuration.

Normally we don’t use most of the functionality offered by About: commands in Firefox but some times these commands come in very handy to tweak the browser functionality according to our needs or troubleshooting the browser malfunctioning.

about robots command firefox

Here is the complete list of Firefox About: commands along with their short descriptions

Using the About: Commands in Firefox

Using the About: commands in Firefox is quite simple. You just have to enter the command in the Firefox address bar and press enter. This is like entering the URL of any webpage to open it. For example, if I want to know more about my installed version of Firefox, I will write about: in the Firefox address bar. Pressing enter will bring me the information I want.

Just for Fun

Shows a verse from the book of Mozilla

A robot greets the humans

General Information

Shows information about Firefox like version, contributors, build configuration etc.

Shows the list of all the About: commands supported by that specific version of Firefox

Shows a blank page

Shows the Firefox homepage

Shows the addons page

Shows tabs synced from other computers if tab synchronization is enabled

Shows the Sync login screen to login to Mozilla to sync browser data

Shows the sync logs

Shows credits

Shows the Mozilla Public License

Shows licensing and rights information

Shows the Firefox Logo

Advanced Information

Displays the plugins that are currently installed in Firefox

Shows the arguments and options used to compile the Firefox build in use

Shows information about the data in the browser cache

Shows details of crashes submitted by Mozilla’s crash reporter

Shows detailed memory usage

Shows troubleshooting information

Shows the page which is displayed when a malware website is encountered in Firefox

Functional About Pages

Shows the Firefox configuration information. You can tweak the Firefox functionality using this config page

Gives the option to restore the last browsing session

Shows the error page when the SSL/TLS page is untrusted

Shows the page when feeds are displayed

Shows the error page when the browser is not able to access the requested page

Shows the permissions page where you can see the permissions given by the user for each visited website including password storage information, location sharing, pop-ups allowance, offline storage etc

Shows a list of all running JS components. Compartments are little segments of memory which is used by JavaScripts in Firefox. This command is no longer available in the latest versions of Firefox. It has been merged in about:memory page

Shows vital stats about Firefox performance

Shows the information about performance, hardware, usage and customizations collected by Telemetry. This information is submitted to Mozilla to help improve Mozilla Firefox. Telemetry is disabled by default. You can enable it from this page

Which About: command do you use the most? Did I miss any command? Please share your thoughts by clicking here.

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