Malwarebytes 3.1 Offline Installers Download For Windows

The final stable version of Malwarebytes 3.1 has released and is available for users to download. MalwareBytes is strong protection against advanced and powerful malware and threats. It is a complete package that provides you features of Anti-Malware, Anti-Exploit, Anti-Ransomware, Web Protection, and other security features. It has four layers of malware crushing technology.

Malwarebytes is strong enough to provide security for your system from any viruses and threats. You can switch to it from your antivirus software. Many users have started using Malwarebytes. The new version of it has come with more supports and some security fixes.

Download the offline installer of Malwarebytes 3.1 from below link and enjoy install offline installation. The file size is 61 MB.

Using Malwarebytes

  1. Run the installer to start the installation, and follow the on-screen instructions to complete the installation.
  2. The main window of the tool will look like this. Click on Scan Now to start the first scan of your system by going to Dashboard. In the Dashboard section, all the status of your tool will be shown.
  3. You can select the scan method from 3 scan methods by going to Scan bar from the left-hand window. But Threat Scan is recommended as it includes the comprehensive scanning.
  4. In the Report section, all your reports of scan results will be available.
  5. In the Settings section, you can configure the settings of Malwarebytes according to your needs and requirements.

Malwarebytes Features Review

  • Malwarebytes provides you Real Time Protection.
  • Its scanning is four times faster and secure.
  • When you are using the internet, you are safe as Web Protection of Malwarebytes keeps you safe from any dangerous and unhealthy websites.
  • It provides a shield against exploit attacks.
  • It helps you to remove rootkits and repairs the file which is damaged by rootkits.
  • Malwarebytes is anti-malware, anti-spyware, and anti-ransomware.
  • Malwarebytes secures you from the infected programs which are installed on your System,

What’s new in Malwarebytes 3.1

  • An option for the manual scan is added. If any error occurred on time other than auto scan, you can run a manual scan to remove that error or virus.
  • If you have turned off Real Time Protection due to any reason, you may get an alert that your Real Time Protection is disabled.
  • If you have blocked websites in Malwarebytes via its Web Protection feature, an option is added which may remove the last blocked website from the list for any privacy purposes. Use this feature by clicking on Malwarebytes tray icon.
  • Many improvements are made in this version which reduces the system’s memory usage.
  • Load and start time of third party tools get reduced with Malwarebytes.
  • The interface of Malwarebytes is improved.
  • Web Protection feature is improved and more support is added.
  • A new layer of detection and protection is added for more security and protection.
  • In your free mode, you have the option to do one auto scan which can be scheduled.
  • Many bugs and issues are fixed to improve the overall performance of this tool.
  • An issue was reported with web Protection and Ransomware Protection, which is now fixed.
  • A conflict with Norton antivirus is also fixed in this version.

Download Link

Download Malwarebytes 3.1 offline installer
The free trial period of Malwarebytes 3.1 is for 14 days. To use it more buy its license from here which costs $39.99 per year for one system.

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