Microsoft Forms vs Google Forms: Which is better?

For years we have been using Google Forms to create and share quizzes, tests and conduct surveys. Google Forms is accessible using our Google account through any web browser, regardless of the device type. Microsoft also entered the market by releasing Microsoft Forms back in 2018 but was not publicly available until recently. Previously, Microsoft Forms were only available to Microsoft 365 subscribers.

However, with the recent announcement, Microsoft has made Microsoft Forms available for everyone who has a Microsoft account. Let us see what Microsoft Forms have to offer and whether it takes precedence over Google Forms.

Microsoft vs. Google Forms

Since we have tried out both Google and Microsoft Forms, we would like to highlight their features and which ones we liked better, and why. But before that, allow us to give a general oversight.

Upon first using Microsoft Forms, nothing seemed different. The layout and available templates were almost the same. Here is the display of Google Forms, which we have been using for quite some time now.

google forms home
Google Forms home page

When we opened Microsoft Forms, it seemed all too familiar. Have a look:

Microsoft Forms home page
Microsoft Forms home page

Upon digging further into the Forms, we discovered a few common traits, as well as a few distinct features between the two. Let’s discuss those before concluding which one might be better.

Common features

Types of Questions and Answers

When trying to create a Form from scratch, we noticed that although the procedure was the same in the two, Google Forms gave more options when selecting the type of questions and answers than Microsoft Forms. Here you can see what kind of questions and answers you can create in Google Forms:

google type of QA
Type of Q&A in Google Forms

Here are the options available in Microsoft Forms:

Microsoft Types of QA
Type of Q&A in Microsoft Forms

By the looks of it, Google clearly has a variety of different types of Q&A available that Microsoft currently does not offer.

Document sharing

Both Microsoft and Google Forms allow content creators to share their forms via email or directly share a link that can be accessed through any web browser. Moreover, they can also be embedded directly onto a web page.

However, Microsoft Forms provide a few extra options, such as sharing directly to social media accounts or generating a QR code to access the form quickly.

Microsoft send

On the other hand, Google Forms does not offer that many options.

Google send

Microsoft clearly wins this round by giving more quick-access options and enabling creators to share them instantaneously to linked social media accounts.

Template gallery

Both Google and Microsoft Forms have pre-existing templates to help users create their forms with material already set in place. These templates can be edited to modify according to the user’s needs. However, with one glance, we found that Google Forms have more useful templates when compared to Microsoft’s templates.

Google template gallery
Google Template Gallery

Moreover, Google has more variety of templates than Microsoft. When we were about to use Microsoft templates, we found hardly anything useful. Take a look for yourself.

microsoft template gallery
Microsoft Template Gallery

Google’s templates are more generalized which can be modified for various purposes. However, Microsoft’s templates are designed for specific purposes, limited to certain scenarios.

Available themes

Themes make the Forms’ general ambience more welcoming and comforting so that the participant is not bored while filling out the form. Both Google and Microsoft Forms allow creators to customize the theme of their Form(s). But we noticed that Google only allowed to change the theme color to something solid, whereas Microsoft decided to go an extra mile and do something creative. Rather than plain solid colors, they added a few drawings. Moreover, you can also add your own image in Microsoft forms as the theme.

combined themes
Microsoft themes (Left) and Google themes (Right)

Inserting images and video

Both Microsoft and Google Forms support adding different media, such as videos and pictures. However, Microsoft only allows it to be added in place of a question by clicking on the button beside it.

microsoft inset image

In contrast, Google Forms allow you to add such media as independent content and between questions.

google insert image

Distinct features


Google Forms has an option to add collaborators so that more people can edit the form. This option is currently not present in Microsoft Forms, and each document can only have one person working on it.

Here is how you can add collaborators to Google Forms:

  1. Click on Send, and then click Add collaborators in the popup window.
    add collaborators
  2. Now add users by entering their email addresses, and they shall have editing rights to the form. Click on Done when added.
    add editors

Collect email address

Google Forms allows the creator to collect email addresses from the people that respond to the form. This is only optional. However, this facility is not present in Microsoft Forms.

If you want to collect the respondent’s email address, check the box next to Automatically collect respondent’s email address when sending out the form.


There are some other minor differences in both the Forms, which might not be worth mentioning. Most of the other features and characteristics are similar.


After a thorough analysis of both Microsoft Forms and Google Forms, we have concluded that Google is currently ahead in the game. Google Forms has been around for a few years now, whereas Microsoft only made its debut in forms in 2016. Clearly, Google has the upper hand, as it has more Q&A types to offer, which is the Forms’ primary function.

Hopefully, Microsoft will update their Forms with time and compete with Google on the same level.

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