New Outlook for Windows Available for Download on Microsoft Store

Downlaod New Outlook for Windows appDownlaod New Outlook for Windows app

Microsoft has announced the availability of Outlook for Windows app on the Microsoft Store. This announcement was made as part of several other updates and announcements to the Microsoft ecosystem, especially Windows 11 23H2. Starting September 26, all new Windows 11 23H2 or newer devices will come with Outlook for Windows client pre-installed.

Outlook for Windows was released as a preview version, which will now get a stable version. Outlook for Windows replaces the UWP-based Mail and Calendar apps completely. If you buy a PC with Windows 11 23H2 installed, or even upgrade your PC to Windows 11 23H2, Outlook for Windows will automatically be installed for you.

If you are an existing Windows Mail and Calendar app user, don’t despair, as these apps will still be available for you until the end of 2024. Microsoft gives you a smooth transition from the Mail and Calendar app to Outlook for Windows.

To upgrade from the Mail and Calendar app to the new Outlook for Windows app, open the Mail and Calendar app and toggle on “Try the new Outlook” in the top right corner of the window.

Try the new Outlook
Try the new Outlook

The new web-based Outlook for Windows app offers several enhancements over the previous UWP Mail and Calendar apps. It provides AI-powered features, multi-account support, improved email and calendar management capabilities, and enhanced phishing and scam protection. Office 365/Microsoft 365 subscribers and users with personal email accounts can use the new app on their PCs.

You can also download the app from the Microsoft Store here:

Download Outlook for Windows

If you go to the download page, you will still see a PRE written on the Outlook icon. This will be removed from the logo once the stable version is available on the server.

Outlook for Windows
Outlook for Windows

While Outlook for Windows supports many email providers out of the box, including Microsoft 365 work and school accounts,, gmail, yahoo and others connected through IMAP, the app is still for personal use only. The sysadmins can block this app from a corporate network if they want.

Microsoft has also provided more controls for Outlook for Windows apps to the sysadmins. Now IT administrators can block the app from their networks or remove it completely using PowerShell if they don’t want users to use their personal app and use Microsoft Outlook instead. Administrators can also use group policies to prevent users from adding their corporate email accounts to Outlook for Windows.

Personally, I have used Outlook for Windows and found it more simplified. I can find items and settings easily. Everything seems in a logically arranged way. These developments highlight that Microsoft is moving in the right direction in terms of user experience and satisfaction. Still, the app is far from perfect. I prefer using Mailbird for my personal use and Microsoft Outlook for business use.

Which email client do you use to check your emails?

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