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Normally when we are downloading a file from the Internet, our browsers download using a single thread. A thread can use a certain amount of Internet bandwidth. This is where download managers come into play. While Chrome and Firefox built-in download managers have become pretty smart but lack advanced features present in popular download managers like Internet Download Manager (IDM).

IDM can make use of multi-threading technology which makes downloading file parts in multiple threads and then combining the parts into the original file. The only problem with IDM is that it is not free. In this article we will compare Internet Download Manager (IDM) and Ninja Download Manager (NDM) which can be a very attractive free alternative to IDM.

Ninja Download Manager

The Ninja Download Manager is the freeware tool that provides you the ability to do downloading in faster speed and takes less time to complete it. It is using boost technology to increase your downloading speed up to 10 times faster.

Feature comparison between the NDM and IDM

Download speed

The Ninja Download Manager provides 10 times faster speed to your downloads.

While the Internet Download Manager increases your download speed up to 5 times faster. Please note that this is the advertised speed. The actual speeds can vary.

Video Downloader

The Ninja Download Manager easily allows you to download the high-quality video up to 1080 pixels. And the IDM allows you to download videos of FLV format. Both of them will give you an option to select the download quality only if it is available from the server. This is usually the case with Youtube.

Pause/Resume of downloading

Both the download managers, NDM and IDM have the feature of pausing your downloads if you don’t want to continue it for some reason. And then you can resume your downloads again from where you left it.

Virus Scanner

NDM and IDM make use of the system installed antivirus to scan for viruses. This can be especially safe if you are downloading lots of files from the Internet. All downloaded files are scanned before being saved to the hard drive.

Media Conversion

The Ninja Download Manager has the ability to convert your downloaded media into another file format. But the Internet Download Manager lacks this feature.


The Ninja Download Manager and Internet Download Manager are available in more than one language

Browsers Integration

The NDM has browser integration with almost all browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Internet Explorer, Edge etc. Browser integration is also available in IDM.

Drag/Drop Support

Like IDM, NDM also supports the feature to directly Drag the file and Drop it into the Manager to download.

Download Limiter

In Ninja Download Manager, you can limit the downloading speed per hour, that’s how much size of the download will be done in the specific hour. You can also do the same with the IDM.

Why Ninja Download Manager may be better than IDM

Ninja Download Manager is better than IDM because it sports more features than IDM. You can easily convert your downloaded file into any other file format. The downloading speed of NDM is more than the IDM. Ninja makes your downloading files into small chunks or segments so this makes the downloading the file more fast and reliable.

The Ninja Download Manager has some limitations in its free version, is that it doesn’t allow you to have the downloading speed of 10x. You can’t download the video from YouTube more than 720p.

But all other features are available in its free version. So you can use it as a best Downloading Manager for smoother and faster downloads.

Download the Free version of NDM from here

Comparison table

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