Download NVIDIA GeForce 511.17 WHQL Driver for 12GB GeForce RTX 3080

GeForce Game Ready Driver DownloadGeForce Game Ready Driver Download

NVIDIA has launched a new Game-ready driver version 511.17. Game-ready drivers are usually launched just before the release of a game so that your PCs are ready to play them from day one. Apart from a few fixes, this release supports the RTX 3080 graphics processor, which is one of the most advanced GPUs to date.

Furthermore, this is a Windows Hardware Quality Labs (WHQL) release, which means that it has been pre-tested and certified that it is compatible with Windows 11 and other Microsoft operating systems.

Although the driver is free to download, they can only be used with compatible hardware. If your hardware is supported, we suggest you update your driver to gain the best experience.

Driver Summary

  • Driver version: 511.17 – WHQL
  • Driver size: 793.08 MB
  • Supported Operating Systems: Windows 11, Windows 10 x64
  • Available languages: English
  • Release Date: 11th January, 2022

Fixes and Improvements

Let us see what fixes have been introduced with this driver:

  • Random stuttering and freezing in Detroit Become Human has been fixed.
  • The disappearance and flickering of text on 12-bit color displays has been fixed.
  • The freezing of the mouse pointer has been fixed which occured when ching on HDR from the Windows Setting app or then toggling on G-Sync from the NVIDIA Control Panel. NVIDIA suggests that, if you still see this issue, click any mouse button which will make the pointer a bit sluggish for a few seconds, and then fix it automatically.

To learn more about Game Ready and NVIDIA Studio drivers, read this NVIDIA blog post. For more information on the 511.17 WHQL driver, read the release notes.

Supported Hardware

The NVIDIA GeForce 511.17 WHQL driver is currently only functional with GeForce RTX 3080, and no other hardware is supported.

Download and Install NVIDIA GeForce 511.17 WHQL Driver

Follow the given steps to download and install this driver

  1. Navigate to NVIDIA download page and click Download Now.
    download now
  2. Your download will then begin immediately. Once completed, run the file.
  3. You will be asked for an extraction path. Once confirmed, click Ok.
  4. The driver will then begin extraction. Once done, the installation wizard will launch automatically. It will initially scan your system to see if it meets the minimum requirements and to detect the graphics card. On the next screen, select whether you want to install the driver only, or also opt for the GeForce Experience. Select the associated radio button, then click Agree and continue.
    Agree and continue 1
  5. Now, select the type of installation and click Next. We suggest that you choose the Express Installation.
    installation options 1
  6. The driver will now begin the installation. This step may take a few minutes. When it finishes, click Close.
    Close 1

Another convenient way to update your NVIDIA drivers is through the GeForce Experience app.

To confirm that the latest NVIDIA driver has been installed on your device, head to the Programs and Features page in the Control Panel by typing in appwiz.cpl in Run, and then look for the NVIDIA Graphics Driver, as in the image below:

installed 1
NVIDIA Graphics Driver 511.17 installation confirmed

How to Uninstall NVIDIA Drivers

If for some reason you wish to uninstall the graphics driver, here is how to do so:

  1. Open the Apps and Features page within the Settings app.
  2. Select NVIDIA Windows Display Drivers from the list of programs.
  3. Press the Uninstall button to start the uninstallation process.
  4. Confirm with Windows that you wish to continue with the Uninstall.

You can also completely remove old drivers that are no longer in use.

How to Rollback/Downgrade NVIDIA Drivers

If you have not removed the old NVIDIA drivers manually and want to downgrade or roll back to the older version of the driver, you can easily do it using the Device Manager. Just follow the steps below to rollback NVIDIA drivers:

  1. Open Device Manager by typing in devmgmt.msc in Run.
  2. Right-click the NVIDIA driver by expanding Display Adapters and click Properties from the context menu.
  3. Under the Driver tab, click the “Roll Back Driver” button.

Please note that if there is no old driver available in the Windows cache, the Roll Back Driver button will be greyed out.

Closing Words

We suggest that if you have the supported hardware, which in this case is RTC 3080, you upgrade your NVIDIA driver to the latest one available. This is not only due to the performance enhancements but also for its security since each update brings in more security patches to mitigate any vulnerabilities that could be exploited by attackers.

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