NVIDIA GeForce drivers for Windows latest direct download links


NVIDIA GeForce drivers offer its users the ideal solution for their gaming and give fast and high-speed access to their games. This driver can give an ideal high-speed for new updates of games. NVIDIA is known as a Brand of Graphical Processing Units. It provides you optimized gaming experience better than ever before.

The latest version of NVIDIA at the writing of this article is 378.66. This is the latest version of the NVIDIA driver released on February 14, 2017.

What’s new in NVidia GeForce 378.66

There are many changes in the newer release of NVIDIA graphic driver than previous one including enhanced performance and bugfixes to offer better experience to the users of VIDI graphic drivers.

  • The new release providesideal gaming experience for Super Elite 4, obduction, For Honor, Halo Wars 2.
  • It supports the new Ansel Technology which provides you to make your own shot from any angle in 2D and 360 degrees.
  • The new release added the support for GeForce GTX 10-series GPU’s powering the maximum gaming notebooks.

GeForce shares your special moments

By using in-game over lay, you can easily capture your score and screenshots. and then share them with your friends. GeForce also provides you he Live Streaming with your friends.

Play the Games with Shield

The games on your PC can now be played with the Shield provided by GeForce to experience the best and HD TV gaming experience with 4K HDR image quality with 60 frames per second and 5.1 Surround Sound.


The selected members of GeForce community provide prizes and giveaways on their special gaming score and performances. just log-in to GeForce Experience 3.0 and enjoy.

Downloading NVIDIA GeForce Drivers

There are two ways to download the drivers. You can either download Nividia auto driver updater which is not actually the driver but will update your system with the latest available update from Nvidia. If you want to keep an offline copy of the driver in your system, you can go with the download links provided below.

NVIDIA Auto Driver Updater

NVIDIA provides the automatically updating of its drivers via software. This updater will offer its users all the recent updates and ask users to download them for experiencing best driver of NVIDIA GeForce. the updater will keeps your drivers up to date and your games optimized.

Download NVIDIA Auto Driver Updater from here

Nvidia GeForce Drivers Download Links

Windows 10 64bit

Windows 10 32bit

Windows 8.1/8/7 64bit

Windows 8.1/8/7  32bit

Linux 64bit

Linux 32bit ARM

Linux 32bit

Solaris 32/64bit

FreeBSD 64bit

FreeBSD 32bit

Download the NVIDIA GeForce graphic drivers and experience the best-optimized gaming with these graphic drivers.

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