Offline/Standalone Installer vs Web/Online Installer (Advantages And Disadvantages)

When we download any program or tool, there are two ways to download them, a Web/Online Installer or Offline Installer. Both of them are separate and you don’t know exactly what is the difference between these two. In this tutorial, you may able to find the what is an Offline Installer and what is a Web or Online Installer.

Offline/Standalone Installer vs Web/Online Installer (Advantages And Disadvantages) 1

Online/Web Installer

Online/web installer is a small setup which downloads the remaining components after it is run. You need Internet access every time you want to install the Web/Online Installer of any program or software.


  • The Online Installer of any program downloads the updated software or tool.
  • It downloads the small file first, and then while installation, you can have access to download only the few or required components of that particular software or tool.
  • These are good for fast internet connection.
  • The Online Installer checks your system requirements first and then download the tool supported on your system. Whether the 32-bit or 64-bit.
  • The Online Installer is good if you are planning to download the single component of any software or program.


  • Internet Connection is required for installation of the Online Installer software.
  • You have to download and install the Online Installer for every computer or device separately.
  • Online Installer cause problems with System infected by viruses or threats
  • If your Internet connection gets interrupted, the downloading of Online Installer is affected due to this.
  • No pause or resume option is available for downloading of Online Installer.

Offline Installer

The Offline Installer is the standalone installer for any program or software, that is downloaded completely on one time download. And when you run the offline installer, the installation will be done offline. Because the complete software is downloaded on the first time of download. So no need of Internet while installing the Offline Installer of any program or software.


  • Offline Installers are a standalone setup of any program or software.
  • No internet access is required to for the installation of Offline Installer
  • It takes less time while installation
  • You can use the same setup for the installation of the particular program on as many devices as you want.
  • The Pause and Resume option is available while downloading the Offline Installer of any program or software.


  • File size is large when you download the Offline Installer of any software.
  • The Offline Installers are not good for users who are using the limited data plan of their Internet
  • The updates are downloaded manually when available, after the installation of Offline Installer of any program or software.

I hope above discussion provides you detail information about what exactly the Offline Installers and Online Installers are. Online Installers are mostly used and applicable for non-commercial purposes and Offline Installers are for organizational purposes who need the same tool and software for many Systems. If something more valuable information you may know about Online and Offline Installers, please share with us in the comments below.

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