Opera 48 Offline Installers For All Operating Systems Direct Download Links

The new version of the Opera browser has been released which is Opera 48, on 27th September 2017. You may get the direct links to Opera 48 offline installer for all operating systems at the end of this article.

Update: Download Opera 49 offline installers

Opera 48 has come with a few new and improved features. The features which are first on the list are search pop-up tool with currency converter, now enriched with the unit and time zone converters, making it simple and easy to translate unfamiliar measurements on the spot. The new Snapshot tool has been also introduced in Opera 48.0. It allows you to import your bookmarks from Edge and Yandex to Opera. Auto-complete suggestions have been removed from the search and address bar to cut user irritation.

To experience the new features of Opera 48 download it for your related Operating System from below links. All links are official direct offline installer links and are safe to download.

What’s new in Opera 48.0

Easier search: Opera’s new search pop-up tool is a super convenient and cool feature that allows you to search or copy the text you highlight on a web page. With just one click, your highlighted text opens a new tab and is open in your default search engine.

Convert measurements, time zones, and currencies: With Opera 48, you can easily convert any measurement to another unit. Transform time zone from one zone to another, and exchange currencies to another currency. This feature will assist many users as conversions are needed quite often.

Snapshot tool: You can now capture your favorite parts of the web with Opera’s Snapshot tool.  After capturing a snapshot, an adjustable frame will pop onto your screen, that will allow you to frame exactly what you want to capture.

Clean up unwanted suggestions: Opera 48 lets you delete URL history suggestions for web pages or search entries the combined search and address bar.

O-Menu cleaned up: O-Menu has been cleaned up in Opera 48, and things are arranged in a proper order. Like, all bookmark and its related actions, such as importing and exporting, can be found in the Bookmarks submenu. Under History, Recently Closed Tabs option is. All extensions and developer options are put in their sections in the menu.

Import Bookmarks:  You are now able to import bookmarks from Edge and Yandex browser to your Opera browser.

These all are the main and highlighted features added in Opera 48. Overall, many improvements have been added and the interface has been improved.

Update Opera 48.0 via Opera Update

If you are already using Opera browser, then you can update your Opera browser to the latest version via Opera Update automatically. To do this, go with below steps.

  1. Open your Opera browser. Go to Menu and select “About Opera”.
  2. If an update is available, your browser will start downloading it for your by contacting to its server. The update will take less than a minute to complete its downloading and installation.
  3. After the update has been installed, relaunch your browser, and the browser will show you the latest version and tell you that Opera’s version is updated one.

Opera 48 Download Links

  Download Opera 48 for Windows (36.6 MiB, 845 hits)

  Download Opera 48 for Mac (56.6 MiB, 476 hits)

  Download Opera 48 for Linux x86(deb) (47.5 MiB, 473 hits)

  Download Opera 48 for Linux x64(rpm) (46.0 MiB, 452 hits)

If you find any links broken, please tell us by commenting below. Do you use Opera? Which is your default browser at the moment?

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