Security Alert: Stay Away From Infected Orbit Downloader

Orbit Downloader is one of the most popular download accelerator apps which can also be used as an add-on in popular browsers. ESET’s new research concludes that Orbit Downloader includes a Trojan inside its code base.

According to ESET’s research, Orbit Downloader includes a component which can be used to spread the Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks. Interestingly, The original Oribit Download setup is clean. When installed, it starts communicating with servers and downloads a DLL file and configuration file from the servers.

Orbit Downloader Virus

This DLL file can be used to initiate the DDoS attack. The DLL file itself is base64 encoded making it almost impossible for the people to detect any suspicious activity even if you are monitoring the network traffic actively.

The researchers at ESET also seem to be puzzled because of why such a popular program as Orbit Downloader could add a malicious code inside their program. As of now, most of the popular downloading site have deleted Orbit Downloader from their sites to make sure that they are not a part of this DDoS attack campaign.

For now, if you are using Orbit Downloader, you should uninstall it immediately. There are a lot of alternatives that you can try. If you are using Firefox, DownThemAll can be a great add-on for downloading and accelerating file downloads. You can also use Video DownloadHelper for downloading streaming videos from any page including Youtube videos.

For Windows based download accelerator, I would recommend Internet Download Accelerator which offers very similar features as Orbit Downloader. What will you use in replacement to Orbit Downloader?

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