Download Microsoft Outlook For Mac For Free

In an announcement, Microsoft has finally declared Outlook free to use for Mac users.

Previously, you needed a Microsoft 365 subscription or Microsoft Office license to use Outlook. However, it is now as easy as installing an app from the App Store (literally).

You can now add your, Gmail, iCloud, Yahoo, or IMAP account in the Outlook app and get one-click access to all your emails. Not only that, your calendar will automatically sync and provide you with a reminder for all the important dates.

Download Outlook for MacOS

You can download Outlook for macOS from the Apple App Store by clicking on the given link:

Download Outlook for Mac for Free from the App Store

This will redirect you to the App Store, from where you can download the Outlook app . Once downloaded, launch the app and proceed with the onscreen instructions to set up Outlook.

Alternatively, you can also download the setup (.PKG) file for macOS from Outlook’s website:

Download Outlook for Mac for Free from Microsoft

This will redirect you to the “Outlook for Mac” page, where you can download the .PKG file for Outlook by clicking the “Download” button.

Microsoft Announces Free Outlook for Mac

Microsoft Outlook for Mac is designed in tone with macOS and is built natively for this purpose. It gives the feel and experience of Apple’s proprietary operating system.

Outlook for Mac
Outlook for Mac. Source: Apple App Store

It supports most email providers that we commonly use, like Google, iCloud, Microsoft, Yahoo, and IMAP. You can also view your agenda using a widget and see reminders in the Notification Center. With that, Microsoft is currently on a few features that will soon be announced, like widgets, notification center reminders, and a menu bar peek.

Upcoming Outlook features for Mac
Upcoming Outlook features for Mac

Additionally, Outlook for Mac also has a “Handoff feature.” This feature allows you to switch between devices, like a Mac and an iPhone, and continue exactly from where you left off. For example, you can continue writing an email from your iPhone after having written half of it on your macOS device.

Another feature that Microsoft talks about (yet in the making) is “Outlook Profiles.” This feature will allow you to connect your email account to Apple’s Focus experience. This will allow you to disable unnecessary notifications so you can focus on your important tasks.

On top of this, Outlook for Mac also has separate inboxes for your “Focused” emails and general emails. All important emails will automatically be sorted inside the “Focused Inbox.” You can then sort these emails through simple gestures, such as a swipe, or even pin the important ones.

Focused Inbox and swipe gestures in Outlook for Mac
Focused Inbox and swipe gestures in Outlook for Mac

To get a glance at Outlook for Mac, look at this short video by Microsoft:

A quick demonstration of Outlook for Mac

To learn more about the Free version of Outlook for Mac, refer to this Microsoft Announcement.

Closing Words

It is about time Microsoft made Outlook free for macOS users. Most Mac users use the Mail app on macOS to manage their email accounts, but it doesn’t have the basic functions needed today. The Outlook app supports more features and hence is convenient to use, resulting in quicker responses and enhanced productivity at the workplace.

Do let us know in the comments below whether you’ll be switching to Outlook for Mac or not. If not, then what’s stopping you?

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