4 Best Free Overclocking Software for Windows 10

In this article, we will learn about what exactly is overclocking and then discuss about free overclocking software for Windows 10. These software can be used for safely overclocking your system for faster performance.

What is overclocking?

In the most simplest of ways, overclocking can explained as the process to reconfigure factory settings of the system or a few components of the system so that the system runs faster than its default setting. The most common trend among computer enthusiasts is the overclocking of CPU, GPU and RAM.

Best free overclocking software
Overclocking computer components

How to overclock your CPU, GPU and RAM?

This is a very common question that any user has with regards to overclocking.

BIOS Setup with Overclocking options
BIOS Setup with Overclocking options

CPU Overclocking

The CPU has a front side bus speed. It is the speed at which all the components motherboard run. The components work on a regular speed synchronizing with each-other. There is a multiplier that provides the internal required frequency to the CPU. The addition of the multipliers increases overall speed of the CPU. With overclocking using more multipliers, there is a need for higher voltage and that is done by providing the required voltage so that the CPU functions in a stable mode.

Usually these settings can be found in the BIOS settings. You can simply go to the BIOS to alter the default settings and overclock your CPU. Otherwise, you may use one of the following tools to overclock the processor.

RAM Overclocking

When you are overclocking the RAM you need to provide extra voltage, but there is a limit to how much you can overclock the memory. Too much overclocking can result in damage to the computer. The BIOS gets altered in case of both types of overclocking. Supporting software along with relevant hardware can help overclock RAM efficiently.

GPU (Graphics Cards) Overclocking

Many users look to overclock their graphics cards, so that they can enjoy an ultimate gaming experience. It makes sure that there is no compromise on resolution quality and the memory of the system, users buy high-end graphic cards and alter the memory frequency and the core frequency to enjoy the best gaming experience. Many software allow the gamer to overclock their graphic cards without much difficulty.

Benefits of Overclocking:

Overclocking provides a lot of benefits. It can help you increase device performance that you are using without much difficulty, but you need to be aware of the relevant component to overclock so that there are no bottle necks when you are using it. Some of the benefits are:

  • A great improvement in system performance or component that you have tweaked.
  • The system runs faster.
  • There is an increased smoothness in the flow of the application or the system usage.
  • You can run heavy software smoothing without glitches.

Best Overclocking software

There are many overclocking software available. Some of them are free while others are paid. You should be aware of your particular need to make sure that you are getting the right software for your device. When you are looking for free software, you need to understand that there would be many that would never work as they claim, instead they might be more of a bane for you than a boon. So here is a list of the perfect most efficient overclocking software that you can download for your windows 10, without fear.

CPU-Z and GPU -Z


This is not an overclocking software, but  a must have software if you are into Overclocking. The software will give you updates about your CPU voltage, performance and multiplier. It also gives frequency and speed information related to motherboard, graphic cards and memory.

GPU-Z can be used for detailed information about the graphic card installed in your system.

Download CPU-Z

Download GPU-Z

EVGA Precision X 16

EVGA Precision X 16
EVGA Precision X 16

This software is the holy grail for the gaming community. It is quite popular and has thousands of daily downloads. The pre-requisite of this software is that you need to have NVIDIA graphic card, like GeForce GTX TITAN, 600, 700, 900. The only flaw of this overclocking software is that it is not at all compatible with AMD cards. The software allows you to edit the GPU clock offset and the memory clock offset of the system. It also boosts your refresher rate and gives you the facility to switch between at least ten different overclocking profiles.

Download EVGA Precision X16

AMD OverDrive

This software is compatible with AMD processors and can be very easily downloaded on your Windows 10. It gives you a real-time status of CPU. It is very user friendly and the easy to use. You can adjust the speed and voltage of your CPU as per your need.  It also allows you to run stability tests once you are done overclocking so that you know how your system is functioning.

Download OverDrive

MSI Afterburner

MSI Afterburner
MSI Afterburner

This is quite similar to EVGA Precision, but it is compatible with both AMD and NVIDIA graphic cards.  You can very easily check the speed of your CPU and fan and adjust the frequency and voltage as per your need. The real-time status helps you gain immediate insights! With the FPS counter you can also measure the performance difference.

Download MSI Afterburner

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