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Speakers Properties

8 Best Audio Sound Equalizers for Windows 10

Audio Equalizer is a must-have utility if one wants to greatly enhance their listening experience on their quality…

Microsoft VC Redistributable Download

Download Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributables (All Versions)

Visual C++ Redistributable is needed to run programs created using Microsoft Visual Studio. Download all versions using direct…

enterprise api security data loss prevention intel 17 728

The Best Data Loss Prevention (DLP) Software (Free and Paid)

Information security is an important part of any business. Businesses require data to keep on running, whether it…

4 Ways To Fix Windows 10 Remote Desktop Not Working

Windows Remote Desktop is a great feature provided by Microsoft in Windows 10 and almost all earlier versions…

Add path variable to the context menu

Add “Add to Path” to the Context Menu

Sometimes when you do many installations on your Windows, you need to specify the path manually. Instead of…

IIS Version

5 Ways To Check Installed Version Of IIS In Windows

IIS is available in most modern Windows operating systems but needs to be enabled manually. However, every Windows…

5 Of The Best Tools To Monitor Folder For Changes In Real-time

There are multiple programs running in the background that are performing various operations in your computer and may…

Java 11 version check

Download Java 11 Offline Installers For All Operating Systems

Oracle seems to be moving towards a rapid release model as we can see the Java 9 was…

open command window here 1 1

4 Ways To Open Command Prompt Window in a Folder In Windows 10

When you open the command prompt by going to Run –> cmd, you will notice that by default,…

WIndows Features window

4 Ways To Enable/Disable Optional Windows Features

Windows Operating System is equipped with many addons and components which may extend the functionality of Windows without…

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