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2 Ways to Check .NET Framework Version Using Command Line

With the release of each new version of .NET Framework, users are bound to install as many framework…

Video pop out in Opera 56

Download Latest Opera Browser Offline Installers For All Operating Systems

For all Opera lovers, Opera 56 Stable version has been released along with many interesting features and updates.…

Windows system variables and user environment variables 1

User vs. System Environment Variables: Do User Variables Override System Variables

There are some programs and commands in Windows which it finds magically without the user giving any hint…


The Best Active Directory Management Tools For Easy AD Administration & Monitoring

Windows Server comes with a lot of built-in Active Directory Management tools. But usually they are not easy…

Adblock warning - Please consider disabling ad blocker on this site

What is Adblock Warning Removal List And How To Add It In Your Browser

What is Adblock Warning Removal List and how we can enable or add it in our browser to…

Screen Shot 2013 10 30 at 14 28 17

Best IPAM Software & Tools for Managing IP Addresses, DNS And DHCP

Long gone are the days where you could keep track of IP addresses, stations, and servers in a…

Fix: Downloads Folder Not Responding in Windows 10

The Downloads folder is the default folder which stores all your downloaded files from the Internet. Sometimes the…

Loading User registry in Registry Editor

Edit Registry Settings of Other Users in Windows 10

If you open Registry Editor in Windows 10, you will only get the registry hives of the current…

How To Insert Degree Symbol In Windows, Mac, Android And iOS

Sometimes while writing a document you might want to use a symbol that the keyboard does not provide,…

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How To Limit Windows Update Bandwidth Usage During Specific Hours

Windows 10 includes a feature called Delivery Optimization which lets the users set bandwidth limits for background and…

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