Configure Security Settings For Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn

Your each Social Media account needs to be secure and private. Many pictures and your private data is shared on these profiles so profiles need to be extra secure so no one can miss use your private information. You are connected to your friends and family with social media but the problem is with strangers.

How to stop them and how to take security actions against them?

Yes of course, there is solution and in this article you’ll be able to find the maximum security tips to configure your Social Media Account’s security settings. We’ll see one by one each Social Media Account’s settings.

Top of the list is Facebook. Let’s have look that how we can make our Facebook Account secure.

Configure Facebook Account Security Settings

Facebook has become most popular and most used Social Media platform. Through Facebook, you can easily stay connected with your all friends, family and all over the world. You can post photos, videos, check-ins, and how are you feeling and many more. But all this data should be private and secure. So just check following settings and enable them to have guarded and safe Profile.

General Settings


  • First make password Strong, so that no one can predict or try your password. For Strong Password, it should contain mixture of Upper and lower letters, Special Cases and Numbers.


There are four types of audience

  • Public: Everyone can see your each stuff
  • Friends: Only your Friends can see your stuff
  • Custom: It allows restriction for some contacts, you can select specific contacts with you want to share or hide your stuffs.
  • Only me: No one except you can see your stuff.


  • Who can see my stuff: Through this, you may control that, which audience can see your posts. And you can review the post before adding it to your timeline if you are tagged in. and limit the audience for seeing your shared post with friends of friends or public.
  • Who can contact me: You can restrict the people not to send you friend request by putting this privacy to “Friends of Friends”. Only friends of your friends can send you Friend request and no one else can.

Timeline and Tagging

From here you can control that who can tag you into post, which friends can see your tagged post and all that.


Through this feature, you can prevent any user don’t to see your profile. Just type the name in search box and block it. That user will no longer able to see your posts or profile.

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This may makes your account secure from any bad or misbehaved user.

These all are some easy and important privacy settings the user should have enable in his profile. But don’t forget to remember that on Internet nothing is totally secure so think twice before sharing anything on Internet.

Configure Twitter Account Security Settings

Twitter has become second largest and popular social media site. You can tweet on your timeline. Tweet consists of any status, link or photo. That tweet will only be visible to your followers you approved.

You can make your account private and it provides you privacy

  • Only your approved followers can subscribe you or see your tweets.
  • If a previous post was public, you can make it private and it will be then visible to only your approved followers.
  • Your approved followers can see your replies to anyone’s tweets only.

You can configure your settings by going to “Settings” and make it a private account and can change other settings too.

You can do privacy things of your Twitter Account with

  • Tagging
  • Protects your tweets.
  • Add location to your tweets.
  • How people can discover you.
  • Allow/disallow any team from Twitter to add you.
  • Receive direct message form anyone.
  • Show to your followers when you read their messages.

Configure Instagram Account Security Settings

Instagram a kind of photo app which is acquired by Facebook in 2012 has become very famous and popular nowadays with people. It up to dates you all related to fashion, celebrities and your favorite stars.

You can upload your pictures, after uploading can apply filters from its library and can add location, tag friends to that post and then you can upload. You can also upload video of one minute now which was 15 seconds only before.

First you make account on Instagram, it is Public by default, you can make it private by going to settings. When you make it private any one can send you request, they’ll add to your follower on when you approved them, otherwise they won’t be able to see your any posts.

But your bio data which is shown in above of your posts is visible to anyone. And in Instagram anyone can send you Direct Message and pictures or links in DM. but if they are spam, you can reject those messages.

So there isn’t much things related to Instagram’s privacy, just putting your account to private make you tension free with your Instagram Account.

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Configure your LinkedIn Account Security Settings

LinkedIn has become very useful Social Site with regarding of getting job or getting employees. You just need to make a good profile of yours. And then make connections with others. So everyone see you or hire you if any company needs your skills for their firm. It has become a professional site.

You have posted so much personal information and your resumes and CVs. Your account must be secure enough so no one can leak or miss use your information. Go to “privacy and settings“ and choose the best privacy setting for your account.

  • You can choose that
  • How you rank is viewed to others
  • Your profile is visible to others or not
  • When people visit your profile, will it notify to you or not. So anyone who you don’t want to visit your profile, you can manage him and stop him from visiting your profile.
  • When someone requests to follow you, firstly you can view him and then decide whether to accept or not.
  • You can block anyone
  • You can select if your data can share to Third Party or not.
  • How people can find you, through email or phone.
  • User can also choose who can see his/her Profile Picture.

These all are some privacy actions, user should have to active or change in their profile to make it secure and private.

Configure your Google+ Account Security Settings

Google+ Account has been become very famous and popular. It is used by mostly people because it is very safe, advanced and secure. It provides lots of space for your personal storage. So your account must be secure and safe from any theft or suspicious users.

You can do following things to make your Google+ account secure

  • Use strong password for your account.
  • Hide your friends from anyone by going “profile and Privacy”.
  • Restrict your posts that are any picture, post or video to some people which are not your close friends.
  • Manage your Google activities
  • Who can comment on your post
  • Who can send you notification
  • You can share your location with contacts you want to share
  • Control your Google+ content

These all are security configuration of your popular Social Accounts. Apply all these steps and help your accounts to make private and secure. Have we missed anything? Please share it in the comments below.

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