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Microsoft had released Microsoft Edge 98 just 2 weeks ago. Now, they have also released a Security Baseline for the product. Security Baselines are Microsoft’s recommended set of configurations to make your experience more secure and reliable.

This Security Baseline introduces 10 new computer settings and 10 new user settings. Administrators in organizations can use these settings to further secure their networks from outside threats.

Not only that, but we also recommend that regular Edge users adopt this new Security Baseline to secure their machines at home as well. Continue reading to learn what this Baseline offers and how to install it.

New in Edge 98 Security Baseline

Enhanced Security State

Enhanced Security State, formerly known as Super Duper Secure Mode (SDSM), adds an extra layer of security for the user by preventing unanticipated exploits, including zero-day vulnerabilities.

Microsoft is fighting Typosquatting with the Enhanced Security State – where a user enters a misspelled name for a website and is taken to a different domain than where they wanted to. This is usually done intentionally by criminals that make a similar website to the one that you originally wanted to go to and then get your personal information.

In-App Support

Users can now contact Microsoft Support directly from the Edge browser, rather than their local help desk. This feature provides instant technical support directly from Microsoft, and this feature is enabled by default.

Disabled U2F Security Key API

U2F Security Key API is an open authentication standard that allows users to securely access a number of online services using only one security key. This feature will now be disabled by default since it possesses a security vulnerability.

This feature is scheduled to be removed in Microsoft Edge 104, and any websites may be broken afterward unless they are migrated to WebAuthN. Until then, it will only be disabled.

To learn more about these, read this Microsoft blog post.

Download and Install Security Baseline for Microsoft Edge v98

Use the guide below to download and install the new Security Baseline for Microsoft Edge. You can also select all the features in the Microsoft Security Compliance Toolkit as per your requirement.

  1. Open the page for Microsoft Security Compliance Toolkit 1.0. Scroll down and then click on Download.
  2. Check the box next to Microsoft Edge v88 (and any other baselines you may require) and then click Next.
    check next
  3. Your download should now begin. When downloaded, extract the files.
  4. When extracted, navigate to the following location within the extracted folder:
    Microsoft Edge v98 Security Baseline >> Scripts
  5. Now right-click Baseline-LocalInstall and click on Run with PowerShell from the context menu.
    run with PS
    If you want to run the baseline for Active Directory, then you should run Baseline-ADImport script.
  6. The script will now run automatically. Wait for the PowerShell window to close on its own.

You have now successfully installed the latest security baseline for Microsoft Edge 98.

Closing Words

Security Baselines add an extra layer of security while you are browsing on the internet. With this update, you will also be protected against zero-day vulnerabilities. Therefore, we recommend that you install it using the given guide above and secure your machine as well as your network.

If you haven’t updated to version 98, click on the link to learn how.

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