Why I Stopped Using Jetpack WordPress Plugin

Jetpack by WordPress.com is a great plugin which adds a lot of capabilities and features to a WordPress blog. And since it is from Automattic, the very company which created WordPress, it is ever reliable. I have been using Jetpack from the day it was released. But today I have stopped using Jetpack.

I was indulged in the development of a new blog and we wanted it to be highly optimized for speed and performance. I wanted it to score at least 95% on both Google PageSpeed and Yahoo YSlow. I started without using a caching plugin and Elemin theme by Themify. I always recommend Themify to my clients because of their active support and the amount of customizations we can make to their themes without coding anything.

Why I Stopped Using Jetpack WordPress Plugin
Why I Stopped Using Jetpack WordPress Plugin

First of all I stopped using Google fonts which were taking 2 connections and about 700ms of load time. If you want more speed, you should also use web safe fonts which won’t take any load time. Secondly, I installed WP-SuperCache which was able to improve the PageSpeed score up to 90%. The thing that it was not doing was minifying the css and js files. I installed Better WordPress Minify plugin which is great at reducing the number of connection made to the server. But it only combines the css and js files and doesn’t minify them.


At this stage, I decided to use W3 Total Cache instead of WP-SuperCache and Better WordPress Minify. Since Themify themes do not support automatic minification feature of W3 Total Cache, I decided to use the combine only feature instead of minification.

After all this, the PageSpeed score went on to 98% and YSlow score was 95%. I was pretty happy with the score. The only things that were left undone were not specifying Google Analytics JavaScript expiry time and using a CDN. I’m quite sure that if I start using a CDN, the load time will be decreased from 1.5 seconds to a few mili-seconds.

At this point, I was using about 10 WordPress plugins. I decided to use Jetpack because I wanted to use Jetpack comments module. Installing and activating Jetpack was smooth and then I disabled all the features of Jetpack except Jetpack comments module.

After activating, I tested the site again with PageSpeed and YSlow. The results were quite disappointing. The number of connections rose from 10 to 35 and the load time went from 1.5 seconds to 5+ seconds. In the timeline, I saw that Jetpack was loading a lot of css and js files even when all the modules were disabled. By the way, I use GTMetrix to test both PageSpeed and YSlow at the same time.

After all this, I have decided to not use Jetpack any more until someone can show me how to remove those glitches that Jetpack is creating on each page load. Is anyone experiencing the same with Jetpack or is it just me?

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8 thoughts on “Why I Stopped Using Jetpack WordPress Plugin”

  1. Honestly, I thought Jetpack was slowing my website but when I installed it, my score was above 90 only. In fact, jetpack’s lazy loading feature actually helped optimize my images and gave me a good score for everything. Currently, my score fluctuates between 93 and 98 with jetpack and it is good. :)

    • Your website seems very good. Jetpack has improved a lot since I wrote this post. But I personally don’t prefer Jetpack’s image CDN hosting. And also you seem to be using W3 Total Cache which typically slows down the loading time of the website. I would recommend you to try out Swift Performance, it should get you a score of 99+ and also fewer requests per load and overall lower page size :). Just try it out and let me know.

  2. About to delete, I have been using Jetpack for more than a year but it is not compatible with w3 TC. When I activated W3, Jetpack started making trouble. Fed up with Jetpack

    • Wow another person in the “anti-automattic” ship :D. I even tried using the Slim Jetpack plugin but it also didn’t work. Actually Automattic should keep all these modules separate as well as combined. If I want to use one module, why should I load each and every module in the plugin?


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