How to Subscribe to RSS Feeds in Microsoft Outlook

Subscribe to RSS Feeds in Microsoft OutlookSubscribe to RSS Feeds in Microsoft Outlook

RSS is a form of structured data that allows users and applications to view and parse the information and updates provided by websites. RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication and is a way to get regular updates from websites that support this standard.

RSS works like this: the website provides a properly formatted XML file which can be parsed by an RSS feed reader. Whenever a new update is available, the website will update the RSS feed XML file. The RSS feed reader will access the XML file regularly and display the website updates to the user.

Some popular RSS feed readers include Feedly (a web app) and QuiteRSS (a Desktop app). But in this article, we will talk about how we can use Microsoft Outlook to subscribe to RSS feeds of different websites. Using one application for emails and other updates makes it easier to manage your work and be more productive.

How to get RSS feed in Microsoft Outlook

Since Microsoft Outlook is an email client , it is a great way to obtain the latest releases from publishers via email. Microsoft has incorporated support for RSS feed subscriptions directly from the website and gets a notification via email, as well as the complete release itself. Let us show you how to subscribe to an RSS feed in Outlook.

Microsoft Outlook has a folder called “RSS Feeds” by default, and it should appear in the left navigation bar, as the folder can’t be manually deleted. Just right-click the folder and choose Add new RSS feed from the menu.

add new feed

You will now be prompted to enter the location of‌ ‌the‌ ‌RSS‌ ‌feed. You need to enter the URL provided by the publisher in order to subscribe to their feed. They usually provide that URL after you have clicked on the feed’s link. For example, if you click the RSS feed button on our Itechtics website, you will be taken to In this case, you will enter this URL in the popup window in Outlook and then click Add.


You will now be prompted with a confirmation dialog box. Click Yes to subscribe to the publisher. You can also add multiple publishers using the same method.


The published items from the website will now synchronize with your Outlook and display them as individualized emails in a separate category under the “RSS Feeds” folder. You can get the gist of the post from a few starting words, and if you want to see the full post, you can click View article to open the post in your default web browser.


How to remove RSS feeds in Outlook

If you think that there is now too much clutter in your Outlook folders, or that you no longer need to be subscribed to a publisher’s RSS feed, you can easily remove them from the list. The process is as easy as deleting a folder, literally!

To unsubscribe to an RSS feed in Microsoft Outlook, simply right-click on their dedicated folder in the left pane and click Delete Folder. You will be prompted with a confirmation box, click Yes.


The RSS feed for the removed publisher will no longer be synchronized with your Outlook.

How to manage RSS feeds in Microsoft Outlook

We have already discussed how to subscribe and remove an RSS feed from your Outlook, but there is more than just that. You can apply filters and advanced syncing settings to get your desired content available in Outlook, while the filtered-out content is not synced.

To manage your RSS feeds better, click on Properties from the context menu by right-clicking the sub-folder you wish to manage. A window will now open, such as the one below. As you can see, there are 4 tabs that you can navigate through. You can archive the items after a certain time through the Archive tab, or manage the permissions for the RSS feed from the Permissions tab. You can also apply advanced filters, such as keyword search, etc., from the Synchronization tab.


Final verdict

There are various online platforms where you can subscribe to your favorite publishers’‌ ‌releases. That is just an extra platform that you need to worry about, while most of us already use Microsoft Outlook everyday.

Since it is already part of our routine, it makes sense to use it for RSS feeds as well over any other online platforms.

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