How to Sync Multiple Google Drive Accounts in Windows 10


Google drive is used for storing your files, pictures, and all other important stuff. it’s one of the cool feature is that you can share your files even with those users who don’t have google account. It is not wrong at all to say that “Google is starting platform for free online office productivity”.

It provides you the storage of 15 GB free. But if you are looking for unlimited storage, you can available Google’s unlimited account option which is just $10/user/month.

Supported types of file

Its viewer supports mostly all types of possible files that include:

  • MS office files
  • All images files i.e. png, jpeg, gif, bmp, tiff and webp
  • Audio files
  • Video files
  • Apple pages
  • Adobe files

And all others files can be supported and open with google drive file viewer. The files which it can’t be support, user can upload them but cannot view within the app. They can download that files and view them in their related viewer.

Getting started Google Drive

You can go to to open your drive through browser. And then enter email and password to access your drive.

This is the basic interface of your drive which has option of my drive, shared with me, recent and all you can see in this above snapshot.

In “my drive”, you can have your uploaded folders and files and your documents.

In “folder shared by me”, there is those files which you can see and can have access .these are shared to you by any of your contacts or any friends.

You can make new folders by clicking on “my drive” –> new folder or upload any files by clicking on “my drive” –> “upload files”. Or can open any MS office program.

If you want to download any folder from your drive, just click on the folder and then on right top you see 3 dots sign, click on that, list will appear. On last of list you see download option. Click the “download” for downloading that particular folder.

This is very easy way to get started and have access of your files and folders through google drive.

Sync multiple google drive accounts

Now you can sync multiple google drive accounts in parallel and can enjoy to open your all google accounts at the same time. Just follow the below easy steps to have access of your multiple accounts parallel.

Just go to “my drive” and create new folder and named it whatever you want. Click on create it. It’ll create.

Then select the folders you want to move in new folder and then click on “move to”, there you’ll be asked where to move.

Now open that folder and on top bar, there you’ll see the name of folder “sharedStuff”, click on it. You see the option share with, click on it. It will ask you email id you want to share it with. Just enter your another google account so that you may access that files from your other account.

Now when you click on “send”, an invitation will be send via email to your other/secondary account that this person has shared some folder to you. Click on “open” to see the folder in your drive.


When you open it you’ll see the contents in that folder. You can add that folders to your drive. So whenever you need them, they’ll be available for you in your drive and no loss of data will occur.

So by doing all these steps, you can easily access to all of your accounts and contents in them anywhere. This is very interesting and usable feature to use your drive to sync multiple accounts. In any case if you can’t get access to your one account, you’ll have no worry because all of your important data is already synced to your other drive.

I hope this detailed discussion will provide you complete understanding of syncing your google drives to one another.

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  1. You do not need to do this.
    Backup and Sync (the Google Drive app on Windows) has an option for adding multiple accounts.
    Just click on settings in the app, and select “Add another account”. You can have multiple accounts syncing to different folders on your device.

  2. Hi!
    All that advertisment is in fact quite a bit annoying, but the content is worth the annoyance. Thanks a lot, your solution is as brilliant as easy and it totally rocks my life 🙂

    • iTechtics Staff on

      Hi Carey, thanks a lot for your feedback. I am forwarding your complaint to our dev department. Hopefully it will be rectified soon.

  3. This is actually a great fix, just took a few extra steps:

    After syncing the new folder to the 2nd drive. Select everything ‘all’ from that 2nd drive, unselect the new folder, and drag everything selected into the new folder.

    Now everything is in the same folder and is accessible without duplication, and with synchronization. it appears that the data did not change from account to account. The ‘owner’ of the document holds the data storage.

    There is just one extra step with accessing the folder from either account, to find or add content, you must first select the new folder. Totally worth it!

    I have been struggling with this for years. Thank you!


    This no longers works. Or did not work atleast for me. As in the section “Shared with me”, if i click on any folder , it does NOT show the option of “Add to my drive” (although individual files still have that option)

  5. Ercan Çelikkıran on

    It can be done! Just go to the drive client in system tray and click. In the pop up window click the “:” icon (with three points vertically) and select “add a new account”. That’s all. Drive client will guide you through the process once more.

  6. This is not synching multiple Google Drives. Sorry but you missed the point. It is very cumbersome and bandwidth quota consuming method for duplicating data sets with no synchronization control.

  7. sharing stuff in your drive and syncing multiples account IS NOT the same thing. If you need to compartmentalize and need all of the space google gives you this is not a solution.

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