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Disconnect monitors without unplugging Windows 10 11

How To Disconnect 2nd And 3rd Monitor Without Unplugging On Windows 10/11

To disconnect a monitor without unplugging it, use the Project Quick menu by pressing the Windows Key +…

Duplicate Or Extend Screen On Windows 11 10

How To Duplicate Or Extend Screen On Windows 11/10

The quickest way to duplicate or extend your display is using the Windows Key + P shortcut keys…

Primary monitor Windows 11 10

3 Ways To Change Primary Monitor In Windows 11/10

Having a dual monitor setup is always a productivity boost. Thankfully, the Windows operating system natively allows users…

Daisy Chain Monitors

How To Daisy Chain Monitors

Having multiple display devices can increase your productivity as you work more efficiently and faster. However, this comes…

How To Use Laptop As Monitor

How To Use a Laptop As a Monitor in Windows 11 / 10

Do you have two computers or laptops, and do you want to use your laptop as a monitor…

Laptop Lid Closed Connection

How To Close Your Laptop Lid And Use An External Monitor On Windows 11, 10

By default, when you close the laptop lid, it goes to sleep mode. If you have an external…

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