Disk Space Cleanup

Cleanup SoftwareDistribution folder

How To Safely Cleanup The SoftwareDistribution Folder

You can safely clean up or rename the SoftwareDistribution folder that temporarily stores Windows Update files. However, 2…

Free Storage Space Windows 11

13 Tips On How to Free Up Disk Space On Windows 11/10

Struggling with hard drive space on your Windows computer? Let us help you free up disk space and…

Windows 11 10 Extend storage volume

How to Fix Extend Volume Option Grayed Out in Windows 11/10

If you are running out of space in a specific drive/volume on your Windows computer, you will normally…

Low Disk Space

How to Fix and Disable Low Disk Space Warning in Windows

You may be annoyed by a continuous notification informing you that you are running low or out of…

How to save

How to clean up WinSxS folder to save Space In Windows 10

The WinSxS folder, also known as the Component Store, contains system repositories and is a crucial part of…

Disk cleanup

Uninstall/Remove Old Drivers From Windows [The Ultimate Guide]

Device drivers are an important component of Windows. They tell the Operating System how to operate a particular…

Fix Windows Explorer Showing Wrong Disk Space In Drive Properties

Fix Windirstat Not Showing All Used Space in Windows

Although there are so many alternatives, Windows Explorer remains my favorite Hard Drive browser. Windows Explorer’s look and…

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