How to Use Chrome Remote Desktop As TeamViewer Alternative

TeamViewer is a popular tool for connecting to computers remotely. It is as easy as installing the software (or using the portable version without installation), sharing the ID and password from the TeamViewer screen with whom you want to share the screen. There is no complex configuration required for remote connections any more. One thing that forces us to look for TeamViewer alternative is that it is not free. TeamViewer is free for personal use only. Although I use it for my personal activities but sometimes it gives me an error that corporate use has been detected and TeamViewer stops working. This is very frustrating. That’s why we look for an alternative which works as smoothly as TeamViewer but is free or open-source.

Chrome Remote desktop

One of reliable software for accessing remote PC and data access is “Chrome Remote Desktop” available on Chrome Web Store. It is an extension of Google Chrome which requires Google Chrome to be running.

Download Chrome Remote Desktop

Press the ADD TO CHROME button to install the app in Chrome.

Chrome Remote Desktop as TeamViewer alternative

It will ask your permission to add the app


When you allow it , the chrome remote desktop is added into your chrome apps.


How to Use Chrome Remote Desktop

After adding extension, it will ask you to sign into your google account. Then open the extension.


After it, it will show you welcome screen of the “chrome remote desktop”.


After selecting, get started it will show you two buttons. One is for access and other is for share. On clicking “Access” , it will ask you to enter a code of system you want to access through your system

And by clicking “Share” button, it will ask you to download “google chrome host installer”.



After installing, it will generate an access code of your system. This allows you to connect your system with others by providing them that generated access code


this is how you can use this reliable extension for connectivity.

Advantages as TeamViewer Alternative

Chrome Remote Desktop is a great tool for remote control on remote computers as well as file transfers. This applies for both individuals and businesses. Chrome Remote Desktop is compatible with all platforms like Windows, Mac and Linux as well as Android devices. This provides a fully secured connectivity among users who are remotely connected with this app. It also makes remotely accessing your computer easier, more secure than remote desktop access.

This provides you to use this program without closing your browser as this are an add-on in your browser so this will lead to easy and simple way to use remotely access of any files and data. Only google chrome browser is supported for this because this is chrome’s extension.

One of the main features is that it is free of cost; you don’t have to buy or to get register before using it.


After above all discussion, it may seems that  chrome remote access is very useful and secure way to do connectivity with any of your partner’s system. It provides you fully secured environment. So this would be the more reliable program or software than “team viewer” for remotely data access.

I Hope this article will provide you the complete information about Chrome Remote Desktop is better than TeamViewer both in terms of ease of use and cost. What do you use for remote desktop? Have you ever tried Chrome Remote Desktop?

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  1. Hello Maham,
    thank you for good article!
    You can try another one like LiteManager – nice software for remote access with free version, hope u like it too! ;)
    Best for you!

    1. LiteManager seems promising. I’ll test it in my lab to see if it works similar to Chrome Remote Desktop or TeamViewer. I like the licensing of the product.

  2. Jashim Uddin Ahmed says:

    Thanks a lot… i was really getting frustrated by “team viewer”… Hope i will have no worry anymore.. I will try this tomorrow…

  3. Hope those greedy bastards at teamviewer go bankrupt. More business users should be persuaded to stop using teamviewer and switch to chrome remote desktop instead

  4. Keep this going please, great job!

    E. B. White [Lowell]

  5. Prasanta Shee says:

    Google chrome remote desktop is good. Additionally, you may also have a look at R-HUB remote support servers for offering technical remote support to clients, customers etc.

  6. I’d also recommend to try free for business AEROADMIN.

    It’s quite easy-to-use, with no registration, installation or configuration. I switched to it from teamviewer and pretty happy.

    1. Seems very good. I’ll review it after working on it for a few days. Thanks a lot for bringing it to our attention Jorge S :)