Upgrade from Firefox 32-bit to Firefox 64-bit without Reinstalling

The Mozilla release the 64-bit version of Firefox but they didn’t do much promotion. And the most of the users don’t get it about this release. Most of the users still using the Firefox 32-bit version. The reason for this is, official website of Firefox is providing the installation of Firefox 32-bit by default.

The 32-bit for Firefox run on both versions of Windows, 64-bit and 32-bit, While the 64-bit Firefox can only run on 64-bit of Windows.

Why upgrade?

The question arises that why you need up-gradation of Firefox from 32-bit to 64-bit.

Both versions are mostly the same in functionality. 64-bit Firefox lacks some plugin support. If you are concern to use java plugin then don’t upgrade it to 64 Bit version.

The 64 bit version of Firefox provides better and smoother performance than 32 bit version and you can open many tabs and it don’t crash and don’t make you panic by jamming your browser or making its slow in working. Firefox 64-bit also facilitates its users by providing extra memory in case of using many extensions and apps.

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Check your current version of Firefox

The first thing you can do is to check which version is currently running on your System.

Open the Task Manager by hitting the short cut keys “Ctrl+Shift+Esc”. And in running or background process, you can see the Firefox. And it also contains its version with its name.

In above snap shot, you can see that 32-bit Firefox is currently running into my machine. You can check by same way on your System. Now in next section we’ll see how we can upgrade it to 64-bit.

Using Firefox 64-bit by default

  1. Go to the website of Firefox from here
  2. And go to under the section of Windows 64-bit and you can see the download option for it. Click on it to download the Firefox 64-bit.
  3. After downloading, run its installer and continue to next steps to complete the installation.
  4. When you click on finish, the Firefox 64 bit will launch.
  5. The next step is you have to uninstall the Firefox 32-bit from your System. For this, firstly close the Firefox 64-bit and then go to Start Menu and type “Settings” and open the “System”, then “Apps and Features”.
  6. In the list below, you see the Firefox; uninstall its x86 version which is 32-bit Firefox.
  7. And follow the next steps to uninstall it from your System.
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Now you can use the 64-bit version of Firefox in you System by going through the simple steps for smoother and faster performance of your Firefox browser.

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