How to Use Notepad++ to Find Text in All Files of a Folder

Notepad++ is an editor for writing and that is having many interesting and useful features. If you are a programmer, you can even do coding with it in any language and can compile it on Command Prompt.

The one more amazing feature of Notepad++ is that it can find any text within all files of a folder.

As I am an article writer and write many articles daily, sometimes I may forget about any important thing that can be in any article where I did save or where it exactly locates. Or some important text I need to review but i exactly don’t know which file it contains. Or sometime the Web Links for different programs and software are also in any file and I need to find them, so Notepad++ helps me a lot for this issue.

Finding text in files using Notepad++

Open your Notepad++ and go to search tab and open “Find in files”

Then a Window will appear that will ask you 2 important parameters. One is “Find what” which asks you to enter the text you want to find and other is “Directory” which asks you to enter the location of folder from which you want to search files.

“Replace with” is for if the keyword which you entered isn’t find by Notepad++ so it may find the replaced word.

So I want java to search and I don’t know in which sub folder of Itechtics folder, it is present. So I’ll let Notepad++ to find it for me.

When I click on “Find All”, it’ll start finding the files which is having key word of “Java”.

And the results are 76 from total 16 files. Files names are also displayed with their destination folder in a result.

Use this Notepad++ to find any file you want to. It’ll give you accurate and correct result. This is very good feature of this versatile Editor. Thank you.

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