Microsoft Visual Studio 2013 Reaches End Of Support

Microsoft Visual Studio 2013 Reaches End Of SupportMicrosoft Visual Studio 2013 Reaches End Of Support

Microsoft Visual Studio is an integrated development environment that is used to create programs and software for desktop operating systems as well as mobile, web apps, websites, etc. Over the years, Microsoft has published different versions and editions of Visual Studio, the newer including significant improvements, new features, and support. However, all good things must come to an end.

Visual Studio 2013 (12.0) will reach its End of Support on 9th April 2024. This is when the said product will no longer receive functional or security updates. Therefore, it is advised to the developers to upgrade to a later version, like Visual Studio 2022, so you keep receiving the latest features and security patches from Microsoft.

Additionally, Visual Studio 2019 will also be transferred to the Security Support channel as it departs from the Mainstream Support on 9th April. On Security Support servicing, VS 2019 will only receive security updates, and no additional features or bug fixes will be rolled out.

This makes Visual Studio version 2022 the only version that will remain on the Mainstream Support. For future reference, we recommend that you keep an eye on the Visual Studio lifecycle and upgrade timely before support runs out.

View Microsoft Visual Studio Lifecycle: End of Life and Support Status

What happens if Visual Studio is no longer supported?

If your version of Visual Studio is no longer supported by Microsoft, it does not mean that you cannot keep using it on supported devices, or your license will expire. It simply means that Microsoft will no longer continue to roll out updates for your version of the product.

A Visual Studio version is supported for 10 years from its release date on the current channel. The first 5 years are the Mainstream Support, during which the VS version receives bug fixes, additional support, new features, and security patches. After that, the version enters Extended Support, which also lasts another 5 years, but only receives security patches.

Visual Studio 2013 was released on 15 January 2014 and is therefore retiring on 4th April 2024 after giving 10 years of service to the developers.

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