VLC Player for Windows 8.1 Is a Fake App In Windows Store


VideoLAN Player (VLC) is the most popular video player for Windows. People use it because of its simplicity and ease of use. It can play most video and audio formats without any extra codec installation. Since the launch of Windows 8, people have been waiting for the Metro version of VLC Player. Although it is in the works, the creators of VLC Player have not yet released the final version of VLC Player for Windows 8 or Windows 8.1.

This long delay has created an opportunity for some bad developers to offer fake versions of VLC Player for Windows 8. Last time, VLC Player for Windows 8 fake app showed up in Windows Store at the start of this year. The price of the app was $2.99 while the real VLC Player is distributed as a freeware. The name of the app was tricking people into buying the app thinking that they were buying VLC Player as a native app for Windows 8. Microsoft removed the app soon after VideoLAN publishers complained about it.

VLC Player for Windows 8.1

The time has come again and now VLC for Windows 8.1 has emerged in Windows Store. The new app is being offered at $9.99 which doesn’t provide as many features as VLC Player on Windows 8 and Windows RT. The days of apps like this are numbered and users should be aware that VLC Player will be released as a free app whenever it is released by its original publishers. There is no need to buy it for your Windows 8 or Windows 8.1 computers.

You may think twice when buying apps in Windows Store. Be aware of apps which use names of popular software with a slight alteration like VIC Media Player 8.0, Video Player for VCL 8.1 etc. [Source]

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