6 Best Weather Forecast Apps for Windows 10

Weather is unpredictable; no one can give full guarantee about it. If you travel a lot, it is absolutely important to know about the weather beforehand. This will help you plan things ahead of time. Weather forecast apps help users a lot by giving almost accurate predication and forecasting about weather and natural hazards or any other natural events. Users can have these Weather Forecast Apps on their desktops, laptops and smartphones.

In this article, we will discuss about the best weather forecast apps for Windows 10 so you can easily check the upcoming weather conditions of a particular area.

Best Weather Forecast Apps

Earth Alerts

Earth Alerts is Weather Forecast App which gives alerts for any natural hazard going to occur anywhere in world. This App stay updated user through notification sounds, alerts, reports and pictures.

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Earth Alerts weather forecasting app

According to the forecast of Earth Alerts, user can plan their events, functions or other important occasions accordingly.  This App is established since 2005 and their developers make it up to date and provide updates time to time to make Earth Alert better and perfect App.

Download Earth Alerts from here

The Weather Channel Desktop

The Weather Channel Desktop is weather forecasting App that doesn’t let you catch in any trouble related to weather. This App provides you update even on hourly bases. The Weather Channel Desktop App is user friendly and easy to use App.

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The weather channel

It requires .Net framework 4.0 and user can configure Weather updates for multiple areas or cities. You can enable alerts for rain, severe weather, lightning alerts in the Weather Channel Desktop App,

Download The Weather Channel Desktop from here


sWeather is Weather prediction App, which is Windows compatible and light portable App. You can edit your location after installing it, so that the tool gets updates of your location. sWeather also has ability to provide you alerts for more than window in its expanded window.

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sWeather app

The sWeather provides you the information about humidity, sun set and sunrise timings. And the speed with wind is blowing at your location.

Download sWeather from here


WeatherBug is accurate and precise Weather Forecast App and provides you alerts around anywhere from the world. It requires .Net Framework 4.0. WeatherBug provides basic weather information about humidity, sun rise, sun set, wind, and rain chances.

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Download WeatherBug from here


WeatherMate is small portable Windows Weather Forecast App that predicts weather for yours hundreds of locations and tells you about the current situation of temperature and weather for location you add. It is very light weight to your resource. The WeatherMate tool is spyware and adware free. Its interface is very simple and easy to use.

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Download WeatherMate form here


WeatherInfo is Windows based Weather Forecasting App that requires .Net framework and this tiny tool uses appropriate amount of memory of your System. It is freeware.

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All the weather information and forecasting will be displayed on main screen of WeatherInfo for the location which you configure. WeatherInfo can detect your location auto, but if it can’t you can add it manually.

Download WeatherInfo from here

Install the Weather Forecast App on your System and stay updated about your area present and upcoming situation of weather so that you don’t get in any trouble before leaving from your place. Which is your favorite way of knowing about the weather in advance?