Download Windows 11 22H2 Drivers For AMD, NVIDIA, And Intel Chipsets

Windows 11 version 2022 (22H2) release is not very far and OEMs have already published the supported drivers. Download and install them today to avoid unforeseen issues.

Download Drivers for Windows 11 22H2

Windows 11 22H2 release is just around the corner, and the hardware manufacturers are prepared. Even before the official release of the much-anticipated version of Windows 11, other hardware manufacturers like Intel, AMD, and Nvidia have already rolled out the supporting software drivers.

This way, when the new operating system will be flighted, users won’t experience any issues with their chipsets and GPUs. Well, at least not any significant ones.

Since 22H2 will only be a feature update, older drivers should work normally. However, it is always recommended that you install the latest, stable drive which has more features and the security vulnerabilities have been patched.

That said, if you have missed out on installing the latest drivers for your hardware when they were released, you can download and install them now.

Download Intel Wi-Fi Driver With Windows 11 22H2 Support

Intel has recently released their new wi-fi driver with support for Windows 11 version 2022, which was v22.160.0. You can download it by clicking on the given link:

Download Intel Wi-Fi Driver v22.160.0 for Windows 11

Once downloaded, you can install it like this:

  1. Run the downloaded .exe file by double-clicking it. The installation wizard will now launch. On the first screen, click Next.

    Intel WiFi next
    Begin installation
  2. Next, agree to the End User License Agreement by checking the box below and then click Install.

    intel agree install
    Agree to license terms and conditions
  3. The driver will then begin installation and the process should not take more than more than a minute. When done, click Finish.

    intel finish
    Close installation wizard

The driver will now be successfully installed, automatically replacing the older version.

With that, there is currently no information on when Intel will release Windows 11 22H2 support for their Bluetooth devices. There are rumors that one driver will be released later this month.

Download AMD Ryzen Chipset Driver With Windows 11 22H2 Support

Not too long ago, AMD also released a new driver version for their line of chipsets which supports Windows 11 version 2022.

Although Windows automatically offers the latest chipset drivers when they are available through Windows Update. However, they often do not include the latest ones. This is why it is better to get the latest driver directly from the manufacturer’s website. Click on the link below to download the driver with Windows 11 22H2 support:

Download AMD Ryzen Chipset Driver for Windows 11/10

Once downloaded, follow these steps to install it:

  1. Double-click on the downloaded driver to execute it and launch the installation wizard.
  2. In the wizard, you will be asked to select the supported drivers to be installed, where all of them will be selected by default. Click Install to begin the process.
  3. The chipset driver will now install. When it completes, click Restart to finalize the installation.

If you need more support whilst installing the driver, refer to this AMD Ryzen installation guide.

Download Nvidia GeForce Studio Driver With Windows 11 22H2 Support

Nvidia released their supported driver a long time ago, in July 2022 to be exact. You can download the Nvidia GeForce Studio driver with Windows 11 version 2022 support using these steps:

  1. Navigate to the NVIDIA download page and click Download.

    Nvidia Studio Download
    Download driver
  2. On the next page, click Download again.

    Nvidia studio download again
    Click download again
  3. Your download will then begin immediately. Once completed, run the file to open the installation wizard.

  4. You will be asked for an extraction path. Once confirmed, click Ok.

    Nvidia select extraction path
    Select extraction path
  5. The driver will then begin extraction. Once done, the installation wizard will launch automatically. It will initially scan your system to see if it meets the minimum requirements and to detect the graphics card. On the next screen, select whether you want to install the driver only, or also opt for the GeForce Experience. Select the associated radio button, then click Agree and continue.

  6. Now, select the type of installation and click Next. We suggest that you choose Express Installation.

  7. The driver will now begin the installation. This step may take a few minutes. When it finishes, click Close.

Another convenient way to update your NVIDIA drivers is through the GeForce Experience app.

Closing Words

As always, we recommend that you install the latest driver available from the manufacturer since the ones installed through Windows Update are sometimes generic and perform lower than the ones available directly from OEM.

That said, it is even better to install the supported driver(s) for an upcoming OS update so that you do not face any issues at the time of OS upgradation.

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