Windows 11 22H2 Release Date And Features

UPDATE (13/9/2022):

According to rumors, Microsoft is planning to roll out Windows 11 22H2, a.k.a. Windows 11 Version 2022 on Tuesday, 20th September 2022. This information is based on a tweet by Zac Bowden of Windows Central. This will be the first feature update for the Windows 11 operating system that will bring new features, fixes, and improvements.

Microsoft plans on doing a “controlled rollout” where selective devices will receive the update first. Therefore, it may take a few days for this update, which will be an enablement package, to reach you.

Microsoft released the Windows 11 Insider Preview Build 22621 to the Beta channel just a few days back. At the time of the release, we anticipated that this build could be a potential “Release to Manufacturing” (RTM) candidate for Windows 11 22H2 (Sun Valley 2).

A leaker, WalkingCat, now confirms this suspicion through a tweet stating that Windows 11 22H2 will be released on 24th May 2022.

Leaked information
Tweet by WalkingCat

Although Microsoft has made no official comment about the release of the said Windows version, WalkingCat has been a reliable source of rumored information up until now.

What is RTM?

Release to Manufacturing, in short RTM, as the name suggests, is software that is delivered to hardware manufacturers for incorporation into their devices.

When we talk about Windows RTM, it means the final version/build of the Windows operating system which will be released to the Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs).

However, Microsoft has now shifted to Windows as a service model. OEMs now no longer receive a special Windows edition since Microsoft continuously updates their OS. Therefore, RTM is now just a method for us to describe a Windows build that will be released as a feature update through Windows Update.

What Do Experts Say

Just like us, many other experts who have been working and writing on Microsoft products say that Windows 11 Build 22621 is what Microsoft wants to ship as the final build for Windows 11 22H2.

Brandon LeBlanc, a Senior Program Manager at Microsoft, replied to this information with no counter comments, thus affirming our hunch that the build 22621 may be the final iteration of the Windows 11 22H2 operating system soon to hit the public.

Features to Expect in Windows 11 22H2

We have already highlighted the new expected features and improvements in Windows 11 22H2 in a separate post, which are the following:

That said, one feature many will want is the tabs in the file explorer. Unfortunately, this feature will not be included in 22H2 but can be brought back in 23H2, which will be released in 2023.

Final Thoughts

Although the “H2” in Windows 11 22H2 means the release will be made in the second half of 2022, the experts probably did not anticipate it. Regardless, we believe that releasing the new feature update in the first half will have no effect on its name.

If you want to try out Windows 11 22H2 right now, you can subscribe to the Beta channel which currently hosts the 22621 build of Windows 11.

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