Microsoft Adds USB 80Gbps (USB4 v2) Support To Windows 11

Microsoft Adds USB 80Gbps Support To Windows 11Microsoft Adds USB 80Gbps Support To Windows 11

Key Points

  • USB 80Gbps, also known as USB4 Version 2.0, or USB4 Gen 4, offers transfer speeds up to 80Gbps between devices.
  • Windows 11 now supports USB4 80Gbps on Build 23615 and above, currently available on the Insider Dev Channel.

The Universal Serial Bus-Implementers Forums, or USB-IF, continuously works on improving the USB standards and its speeds. However, the systems must also support the technology for a USB to function at its designed specifications. This is why Microsoft announced the support for USB 80Gbps in their latest Windows 11 Insider Preview Build 23615.

USB 80Gbps, otherwise known as USB4 Version 2.0, or USB4 Gen 4, is a new and latest standard of USB that allows transfer speeds of up to, well, a whopping 80 Gigabits per second.

Previously, the fastest USB speed offered by USB4 was only 40Gbps. This means that USB4 version 2 offers twice as much transfer speed. When USB 80Gbps was first introduced by USB-IF , they also launched new logos for it, which can be seen here:

New logo designs for USB 80Gbps
New logo designs for USB 80Gbps. Source: USB-IF

At the moment, the support for USB4 v2 has been introduced to Windows 11 on the Insider channel; more specifically, the Dev channel. According to the Microsoft announcement, initial support for USB4 v2 will be available on select devices, that are built around the Intel Core 14th Gen HX-series mobile CPUs, like the new Razer Blade 18.

USB4 Gen 4 takes a step toward the upcoming generation of high-capacity storage, networking, and displays. It works with all other USB Type-C features and is completely backward compatible with devices designed for earlier USB and Thunderbolt interfaces.

To get support for USB4 v2 right now, you must either have Windows 11 Build 23615 (or higher) after subscribing to the Dev Channel, or you can download the ISO file for this build from the Windows Insider Preview Downloads page.

Other than this highlight, Microsoft also included some new features in Build 23615. Copilot will now launch automatically on widescreen devices as soon as the user logs into their account. Copilot is an AI-enabled assistant that can search the web and perform system-specific tasks. It was recently also introduced to Windows 10.

Additionally, the Windows Share dialog box has also been updated to include support for sharing links directly to people on WhatsApp, Gmail, X (Twitter), Facebook, and LinkedIn.

That said, if you have a USB4 Gen4 device at hand, let us know what you think of these blasted transfer speeds in the comments below.

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