Download Windows Media Center for Windows 10

Windows Media Center was a not so popular app from Microsoft. It was included in Windows 7 or prior versions of Windows. But WMC was discontinued and was not included in the final version of Windows 10.

Technically, Windows Media Center is a media player just like Windows Media Player but with more functionality. Additional functionality includes playing TV through TV Tuner, recording, DVD Player, old MPEG-2 video support, etc. More about it here.

Most of the times, WMC was used as a DVD player. That’s why Microsoft has replaced Windows Media Center with a DVD player app in Windows 10. The DVD player app can be installed through Windows Store.

Windows Media Center for Windows 10

Some people have extracted Windows Media Center files from earlier versions of Windows and created an installer to install Windows Media Center on Windows 10.

If you are a fan of Windows Media Center and want to use its functionality in Windows 10, then you can follow the steps below to download and install WMC in Windows 10.

First of all, we need to download the custom installation of Windows Media Center from below:

Download Windows Media Center for Windows 10 1  Windows Media Center for Windows 10 (85.8 MiB, 10,505 hits)

Note: Please note that this is a custom installation and is not from Microsoft itself. I have scanned it for viruses and have not found anything. I have also installed the executable on multiple systems and encountered no issues. I have installed it on Windows 10 version 1809 and Windows 10 version 1903 without any issues.

  1. Extract the downloaded zip file to a folder and run the files as follows:
  2. Run _TestRights.cmd with administrative privileges. This will open a new command prompt window.
  3. Run InstallerBlue.cmd to install blue skin of WMC or InstallerGreen.cmd to install green skin of WMC.

    Windows Media Center Installer

    Windows Media Center Installer

  4. This will open Windows Media Center.

    Windows Media Center

    Windows Media Center

Using Windows Media Center is the same as the original one. All functionality of WMC will be intact and you can use any feature for free.

If you want to uninstall Windows Media Center, just run Uninstaller.cmd from the extracted folder.

I have tested it on Windows 10 Version 1903 and even on the latest Windows Insider build and it works absolutely fine. Do you like Windows Media Center? Or you use alternatives for WMC? Let us know in the comments below.

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