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Kosmos Infotech, a leading IT service provider, approached us with a website riddled with problems Slow loading times frustrated visitors, while broken site structure and unnecessary pages cluttered their Google index, hindering SEO efforts. Their goal? A future-proof solution that transforms their website into a speed demon and an SEO magnet.


Crippling Website Speed: Kosmos Infotech’s website suffered from sluggish loading times, leading to high bounce rates and a negative user experience.

Unnecessary Page Indexation: Irrelevant or outdated pages were indexed by Google, diluting the website’s search engine visibility and ranking potential. Future-Proofing SEO: They needed a solution that not only addressed current issues but also ensured their website remained SEO-friendly for years to come.

Solution: Bricks Builder & SEO Optimization

We leveraged the power of Bricks Builder to create a lightweight and lightning-fast website. Bricks Builder’s clean code and streamlined design allowed us to craft a website that loads in record time, keeping visitors engaged and happy. But speed was just the beginning.

We conducted a thorough SEO audit to identify unnecessary pages and implement proper de-indexing strategies. This streamlined Kosmos Infotech’s website in Google’s eyes, focusing search engine attention on their most relevant content.

Furthermore, we enriched the website with schema markup data. This structured data acts as a roadmap for search engines, clearly conveying Kosmos Infotech’s business information, services offered, and location details.


Blazing-Fast Performance: Post-development, Kosmos Infotech’s website saw a dramatic improvement in loading times, significantly enhancing user experience and reducing bounce rates.

Sharpened SEO Focus: By de-indexing irrelevant pages and implementing schema markup, we ensured Google prioritized the most valuable content, boosting Kosmos Infotech’s search engine ranking potential. Future-Proofed SEO Strategy: The clean codebase and SEO-friendly structure of the Bricks Builder website empowers Kosmos Infotech to maintain a strong SEO presence for years to come.

kosmosinfotech homepage
kosmosinfotech homepage
kosmosinfotech desktop speed
kosmosinfotech desktop speed
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kosmosinfotech mobile speed